Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Work

Sunday Bible Studies @ RO4Y

Women's and Youth Study

Children's class art projects

Jon's student's coloring and studying The Wedding in Cana

We’ve had this week to recover from Tropical storm Agatha.
We had two beautiful days of sunshine, a light breeze and NO rain!
Thanks, Lord!

We hosted two men from eMi ministries. Roy and Michael arrived Saturday, June 5th at Rancho Oasis to survey the property. We had a great time fellowshipping and feasting. We should be receiving a site map of RO4Y soon for your viewing pleasure! Thanks guys!

(ps - Naomi took the portrait)

Unfortunately, Ramiro was a “no show”, but we have hired a man from the community to help with maintaining the grounds and trees on the property. Jose Luciano is the son of one of the women that come to the Bible study on Sunday afternoon. Please pray for Jose’s family and his salvation.

We’ve got eighteen youth arriving at the Ranch to help with various needs on the property. They arrive Sunday afternoon to participate in the Bible studies then began their labor on Monday. They will be with us for four nights and days of work and fellowship. Please pray for safety and wisdom with the work projects and the start of a beautiful relationship between this body of believers from Texas and RO4Y!

Our house construction continued this week after the men took a much needed break to allow the job site to dry out. Plus, the men have been working for 3 months straight – six days a week! Please continue to pray for God’s provision!!! Our desire is to complete the house by the baby’s birth in December.

Mare and the girls are doing well. Enjoying life and each other!

Daisy is recovering...slowly. The vets had to come back twice to stitch her up. Praise the Lord one of them is a believer and was very gracious!

Muchisimas gracias for your intercession!!!
See Ozzy for some insight on prayer…

Our Neighbors: Emily, Veronica (holding peach), Juan Marvin


Anonymous said...

Beautiful; Post!! Things are changing and shaking. Miss you all!

brooke said...

That last post was me...Brooke

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that Daisy is getting better but how did she get hurt? I love the pics of the girls and what are they eating? The pic of Mare and Naomi is cute and who is having more fun, Mom or daughter? Take care and talk to you soon.

The Beards: said...

Daisy was fixed and is recovering well. Thanks!