Friday, June 25, 2010

Life After Groups

We’ve hosted groups for the last two weeks. Life was a lot busier, more exciting than normal and more exhausting. We were so blessed to have the fellowship (especially English speaking brothers and sisters).

Now life is back to normal. (I’m still not quite sure if I can define “normal” for you; most missionary friends and literature I read say it takes a minimum of a year to get accustomed to your new surroundings. Let’s see… that means only eight months to go).

Honestly, though time with the groups was stretching, Marillyn and I were in the zone. We were like super missionaries – at least what we envision them to be. I was up by 5:30 reading my Bible and 6:00 with Marillyn. We were joyful, laughing and genuinely in the Spirit. Mare was breaking out three meals a day for 24 people and didn’t miss a single dose of “love” that she adds to every meal. I was maintenance guy, grounds keeper, construction manager, project manager, Ranch director, worship leader, father, husband and errand boy and didn’t get dizzy (or at least didn’t pass out). It was amazing!

So, after the groups had left and we vegged for a couple days, I had to ask what is the difference. The Holy Spirit said, “me.” Me as in me not Him. Our focus was not on ourselves, it was on serving the groups. Though life was a lot more demanding, all was accomplished in the Spirit, for His glory because we were serving others; putting other’s interests above our own.

Simple, but convicting, huh? Still not convinced, read Ozzy June 20 and June 21st.

It is so easy to get focused on me, especially when your fellowship is primarily your wife and your two kids. As we proceed forward and find our routine here at Ranch Oasis and Ojojona may we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, serving our Savior and friend Jesus in all we do.

Not sure what God is calling you to do with your life? Then listen to this great sermon from Francis Chan entitled, “The Purpose of Your Life.”

Finishing Uncompleted Projects:

In my zeal and inexperience, I planned too many projects for the teens. After the first day, we turned our attention to completing one project instead of two. Now I have the task of completing the other project, as well as wrapping up work on the bathhouse and grounds. Pray for wisdom with priorities and that God will raise up someone to assist us with RO4Y maintenance.

Gozo brought some buddies and we’ve been watching 4 new horses graze on the property; visions of what could be one day. Though Gozo spends most of his time at the Ranch we still don’t have a stable or round pen to work with him. Thankfully, he is getting more acquainted with us and even nuzzled Tabitha as she walked by. Pray that we can get a stable up soon and that God will grant us favor with this animal.

Part of normalicy is visits to the kindergarten in Ojojona with Naomi. Jon teaches English once a week and Naomi enjoys the interaction with the kids. She is too young to be fully registered, but the teachers were cool with her coming to socialize and improve her Spanish. Cheque! (Honduran for “It’s all good.”) Pray for Naomi and Tabitha as they too adjust to a new culture and being MK’s (missionary kids).

Twice a week Jon has been combining guitar lessons, worship practice and English class into one event. He’ll teach a popular English worship song like “Shout to the Lord” first in Spanish, as well as showing the chord progressions. Then we’ll practice the song in English. It is fun, but pretty challenging with just one guitar. We’ve got some donated guitars coming, but could use some more. Pray for God’s provision.

Construction on our home has stopped for the moment. We are saving money to construct/pour the second floor of the house (about $3,000 for material and labor – we have about half). Once this is completed the men will be able to work protected from the rain and elements. Please pray for God’s provision. The goal is to move into the house before the birth of our third baby (December) and open up the home we are currently living in for RO4Y staff!

Pray that we get internet soon on the property. Communication is so important for our support team and it takes a lot of effort to keep it up (a half-day in Tegus to write a blog post, check e-mail and complete any miscellaneous research, including an hour drive there and back).

Pray for Wayne and Brooke, as they return to the Ranch this week. (Brooke is actually spending an extra week in California to wrap up some responsibilities with the passing of her father last December).

Praise that our dog, Daisy, is healing up well!

Pray for a vehicle for the Beards. The bus is nice for ministry, but a little big to go get groceries. (Those of you who have driven in 3rd world countries, know what I’m talking about!)

Pray for our health. We’ve all been in-and-out with diarrhea and are thinking it could be something to do with our water.

Pray for Mare’s pregnancy and the baby. We’ve finally touched base with a midwife; pray that God gets us connected soon.

Pray for our grounds keeper Jose Luciano. He spent three days in Tegucigalpa trying to get diagnosed and came back to Ojojona without much info. We went to the local private hospital and tried to get some testing done. The General Practitioner advised Jose to come back Saturday to visit with the radiologist for some stomach/intestine pain.

Pray for our Support Team (You). God has blessed us with a strong group of believers that support us through prayer and finances. Pray that would bless, enrich and direct the lives of our supporters!

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