Monday, April 19, 2010

Semana Santa in Review: Part 2

Kevin reads the crucifixion & resurrection story from the Gospel of John

Easter Sunday was a sweet time of fellowship at Rancho Oasis. Our friends from Capilla Calvario Tegucigalpa took the weekend off from helping teach the children and women to spend with their families. Nonetheless, we still invited the local families for a time of fellowship and celebration. It turned out great!
Brooke leads worship with the children & adults.

"Monster Chase" game / teens Kevin, Arturo and Jose
Brooke giving impromptu guitar lessons.

NOW, we would like to introduce you to the latest member of Rancho Oasis for Youth:

Gozo ( Spanish for joy)
So, how were we introduced to Gozo?

God. No, really!

Our friend, pastor, board member and partner in ministry Jason Mulla asked us when we were going to get working on the whole horse part of RO4Y.
We've been so focused on adjusting to our new life in Honduras, but we knew he was right. So, we begun to pray that God would provide a horse. He did. (Should we be surprised?)
Gozo arrived at our gate a few days later and Brooke let him onto the property.He's young & wild. His ribs are visible and his stomach is bloated;malnutrition and parasites. His hips and rump are displaced and his spine is curved; we suspect he was hit by a car. He's started to eat some oats, but still won't let us touch him. Now we need to contain him to began to work with him and that means building a stable and round pen. Keep Gozo and us in prayer!

  • Continue to pray for favor with the government to import the bus to Honduras.
  • Continue to pray for the short-term missions team NOW at Ranch Oasis!
  • PRAISE: My brother Stephen and our new sister Melanie had a great wedding. (Look for pictures to come!) Naomi was precious as the flower girl and I got many compliments on my toast!
  • PRAISE: for God's provision of our first horse, Gozo!
  • Pray that God will contine to bless and increase our support team as we rekindle old friendships and start new ones.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Semana Santa in Review: Part 1

Rancho Oasis held our first official event on Tuesday, March 30th. School was closed for Semena Santa (Holy Week) and we invited the kids that attend Sunday afternoon service to join us for a work/play day.

Cutting grass - machete style!

Collecting trash / Collecting "fertilizer"
"It's a hard knock life for us"

All work and no play...

...make Kevin, Genderson, Cesar and Nexer dull boys!

Capitan Barba leading a devotional

Ecclesiatses 7:11-12

This a Karina. She is a recent grad from Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru who is a native of Tegucigalpa. She is interested in volunteering some of her time to help us at the Ranch. With all the workers living on the property, space is limited. Pray that we can find a way to have Karina help RO4Y!

  • Luis recovered quickly after his fall off the scaffold. Praise God!!! Continue to pray for the safety of the men as they finish the bathhouse this week.
  • We've found another avenue to try and import the bus. Pray that the Honduran government would be able to accept the bus as it will be used to bless the people and not turn a profit.
  • Our first short-term missions team arrives Saturday the 17th! Pray that God will bless their travel, stay and work at RO4Y!
  • Our visit at Freedom Fellowship in Freedom, Wisconsin was fantastic. I'm hoping to get the video to post on-line sometime soon. We're planning on having a group visit next winter.
  • Pray for Jon's brother's wedding this Sunday. Jon is standing as the best man, while Naomi is going to strut her stuff as the flower girl!
  • Continue to pray for RO4Y while we are gone in the States. We return to Honduras on Tuesday, April 27th. Also, pray for wisdom as we assemble all of the necessary documents for beginning our residency application.
Love you guys and cherish your prayer!!!