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Newsito: Top 5 Reasons the Beards are on Furlough

RO4Y Fall 2012 US Tour Dates

Jon and Marillyn (w/ Baby #4), Tobias, Tabitha and Naomi

Thursday, August 23              Arrive in Chicago                        USA

Sunday, August 26               RO4Y Open House                        Bloomingdale, IL

Saturday, September 1         Bloomingdale Church               Bloomingdale, IL

Sunday, September 2         Bloomingdale Church                           Bloomingdale, IL

Saturday, September 8        Calvary Chapel Morgantown              Morgantown, WV

Sunday, September 9            Calvary Chapel Morgantown                     Morgantown, WV

Sunday, September 23          Calvary Chapel Des Moines                Des Moines, IA

Sunday, September 30        Freedom Fellowship                   Kaukana, WI

Sunday, October 21                         Poema Alizay Born                                       Britt, IA

Sunday, November 18 UPDATED          Calvary Chapel Cedar Rapids          Cedar Rapids, IA 

Tuesday, November 27               Rancho Oasis for Youth                              Ojojona, Honduras

 While in the USA, the Beards can be reached at: 515-868-6725

Kid's Bible Study
Reason #1:  
To raise awareness of the ministry happening

          God’s Spirit is changing the lives of children, teens
and their families in the rural mountains of southern Honduras.

          Your friendship, partnership and prayers are critical for our success!
Will you join our support team?

          [Paul & Barnabus] called the church together and reported everything God had done through them. Acts 14:27 (NLT)

RO4Y Weekly Outreach: The Boys and Teens Soccer Teams
Reason #2:  
To increase our financial support so we can influence more lives

          The Ranch has been blessed with consistent financial giving to cover all of our basic ministry needs. With more monthly support we can expand current projects that we have in the community to help with people's standard of living and mental/spiritual health, plus give us more in roads to communicate the Gospel.  The reality is that money is necessary to provide the services we offer to the youth of Ojojona and Tegucigalpa.

We are also collecting funds to purchase the property! The price has been raised and our negotiations continue (at a Honduran pace); we'll keep you posted when a final price is reached. A large financial invest would be a major blessing. 

We trust that God will provide for the ministry's needs; Is He calling you to be involved financially?

You Philippians were the only ones who gave me financial help when I first brought you the Good News. Phil 4:15 (NLT)

The Unashamed Missions team, one of many missions teams to serve in 2012
Reason #3: 
To call the body of Christ to come along side us
by organizing short-term missions teams

          The majority of the Ranch’s construction projects are completed by groups and the money & labor they put into the buildings. Completed projects means more opportunity to share the Gospel. We've also expanded outreach to the community via VBS, community/RO4Y family construction projects, health seminars, rummage sales and special dinners.

          We also recognize the dynamic spiritual change that can happen during a missions trip. Marillyn and I are serving as full-time missionaries because of our short-term experiences. 

It’s a kingdom building investment at the Ranch and in your life. Is God calling you to invest a week of your life for His kingdom in Honduras this year?

The Holy Spirit said, “Dedicate Barnabas and Saul for the special work to which I have called them.” Acts 13:2 (NLT)

Our lone intern for 2012, Collin, and friends
Reason #4:
 To recruit short-term (3 month) and long-term staff & families

          In the field, Rancho Oasis is a family of six that includes one Spanish speaking adult, a deaf woman and four children. We are stretched to the max and amazed at all that God is doing. We’ve seen God move even more when another adult or young person joins us in ministry.

          Reality is we can’t accomplish what God has called us to do on our own. God is preparing each one of us in the body of Christ to serve and advance His kingdom. Will you test God’s faithfulness to you at Rancho Oasis?

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 (NLT)

Tobi, Tabi and Nomi Beard

Reason #5:
For some R & R: "Refreshment and Rejuvenation"

          10 months of ministry with all of its ups and downs can be invigorating to the soul, but draining on the body. The Beards are looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family, as well as enjoying time as a family!

We also are going to see the birth of our fourth child and have come full circle:
Naomi: Made in Mexico / Born in the US
Tabitha: Made in the US / Born in Costa Rica
Tobias: Made in Honduras / Born in Honduras
Baby #4: Made in Honduras / Born in the US

That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying,
our spirits are being renewed every day. 2 Corinthians 4:16 (NLT)

We look forward to seeing you this Fall!!
Keep these goals in your prayers!!! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Newsito: "No Shame in That!"

Unashamed Missions Team:
July 2012

July 14th- 21st we hosted our largest short-term team yet: 34 people. What made this team from Unashamed Missions unique and special was the family make up – eleven families represented with 11 men, 11 women and 12 kids.

We divided the week into community construction outreach blessing three families that are involved with Rancho Oasis;

Project #1: Melissa's Roof                    Project #2: Idalia's Roof

Project #3: Alicia's Roof

Vacation Bible School discipling the village children in the Word of God;

Younger Girls Group                              Older Boys Group

Younger Boys Group                              Older Girls Group

 and a community health outreach instructing the local woman about better health – physically and spiritually.

Health Outreach Lecture       &              Hands-on Teaching

Rug Hooking Class students show off their nearly finished work

God was glorified and the vision of Rancho Oasis to disciple the people of Honduras was accomplished! 

As always, personal testimony is a powerful tool; to see how true this was – please enjoy the following quotes from the Unashamed Team members:

God taught me “that I can pray about anything and that I need to pray more, also that there are lots more needs in Honduras that the US [and] that I want to do more missions trips.”
          -Alexandra, 10, student

Trying out new shoes
God taught me “to rely on him when I am having my family fall apart at home.”

My most memorable moment was “when the women [attending the health outreach] hugged me every day and that two days later they answered all of mine and Jason’s review questions correctly.”
          -Arden, 49, nurse practitioner

Nexser & Alex
“[God] taught me to love on the kids and help them.”

My most memorable moment was when “all the kids that went on the bus all surrounded me and hugged me.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I’m going to “try to help at the church more.”
                                                 -Alex, 12, student

Bethany & Alexa
“God really showed me the importance of family this week. Not only did I grow closer to my own family this week, but I also became closer to my church family. Meeting all the kids and seeing how well they thrived at Rancho Oasis uplifted me because even though they do not have support at home like I do, they are completely content because they know they can rely on God.”

A memorable moment for me was “seeing Nexser’s grandmother so appreciative of our help and willing to help in the process. Watching her carry rocks through the mud and raking her own trash warmed my heart because she was truly grateful of what we did for her.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week I want to “focus more on witnessing to others in my own community. If we can witness to people here with a language barrier we can most definitely do it with our neighbors.
          -Bethany, 18, student

“God used our missions team much like a church body this week in that we are all members without part/gifts. God did an incredible job of using all of us to get everything done that He had planned.”

“My most memorable moment was seeing 12-14 young men sitting at Jon’s feet (not literally) and going through a Bible study. It reminded me of Jesus and his rag-tag team of disciples sitting around and being taught. It impressed upon me the significance of raising up the next generation in this community. My heart was stirred for their spiritual growth and development. May god bless your work with these special young men. And may God stir a passion in their hearts for His word.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week I want to “always remember to serve those we are partnering with as the highest priority. Making sure that we always submit to the leadership and authority of those leading the ministries we are serving alongside”.
          -Brad, 53, pharmacy operator

“It never ceases to amaze me how God will put people [like the Beards and other missionaries] in my path who we can work with in the future.”

My most memorable moment was “watching 100 Honduran kids develop relationships with our team.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I will “continue to prepare teams about honoring the full time missionaries we are going to serve.”
          -Carl, 48, contractor/co-director of Unashamed Missions

This week God showed me “just how blessed I am and how I want to continue to serve Him in any way!! I learned there is nothing I can’t do with Him by my side.”

My most memorable moment was “prayer and worship with the kids at VBS – seeing their faces every single day was pure joy!”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis “I am going to evaluate my family as far as how we steward our time, money, etc. I want to simplify.”
          -Cindy, 46, Children’s ministry volunteer coordinator

Cynthia, Patty & Katarin
This week God showed me that “Flexibility is huge! Completely removing myself from the equation and fully relying on His will for me! God is in every single detail of everything.”

My most memorable moment was when “an older woman came and wanted to talk with me and she was so wise. She was telling me that her life was hard and that people always disappointed her, but the Lord has always been here for her and had never forsaken her. She said being a Christian is not easy, but she intends to fight the good fight”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am “taking every day to look for ministry. [Also,] that ministry never stops and to continue to grow in Christ.”
          -Cynthia, 34, full time children’s ministry

David & daughter, Alexandra
God “taught me the true meaning of to be still and seek him. This was the first time in a very long time that I put God’s direction, message and desires before my own. It was very humbling to come to Ojojona and see people being so thankful to God when they had so little.”

“The construction projects were all gratifying, but one afternoon we took the time to repair a small children’s swing. It was pretty insignificant in the amount of labor and materials spent, but the response the kids gave was priceless. Serving other was truly the most rewarding part.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis “family devotionals will become a priority. I need to elevate my role as spiritual leader of the family. In addition, I need to be also bringing everything to God in prayer. I pray daily, but not like I should. I need to strengthen my faith through prayer.”
          -David, 46, sales

This week God showed me “to trust in him with the little things as well as the big.”

My most memorable moment was “when the kids during Bible memory asked me to play my guitar and worship with them.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am going to have “more quiet time with God.”
                                               -Eric, 14, student

This week God taught me “how to be flexible to not be so hard on myself. Love can be expressed by a smile.”

My most memorable moment was “when a grandmother came and ministered TO ME! I understood what she was saying, her fervor in her spirit about how God was the ONLY one who can save her and how life is hard, but God didn’t promise us an easy life it brought me to tears. She ministered TO ME! Forever grateful for her message and how I need to be more grateful!”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am going to “pray more!”
          -Erin, 37, homemaker/pt. office assistant

This week God taught me that He “is reassuring and will talk to us in unusual ways; God wants all His children to be treated with respect and dignity.”

My most memorable moment was “seeing the Honduran women cry when Proverbs 31 [was] read.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am going to “look at priorities; speak up more when needs exist; listen to God more, trust God more.”
          -Jason, 56, Lawyer

This week God taught me “He always has a plan and provides for that plan; take one step at a time and not worry about the next 5 steps.”

My most memorable moment was “seeing the homeowner’s faces after we completed their projects.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am going to “look for more ways to serve others and less self-indulgent activities; talk and write to others about our experiences.”
          -Ken, 38, Information Technology (Web)

“God taught me that He wants me to take this experience and view my life as being in the mission field regardless of where I am or what I’m doing. My most memorable moment was watching my kids love on and being loved on by the kids when they would leave for the day.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis “I am going to focus on re-prioritization of my life and work with [my wife] to draft our values statement for our family and better align our lives to work to that end.”
          -Jack, 42, Business Development/Sales

Jenna & Nyssa
“This week God showed me that I don’t have to know someone to love them. Every girl in my [group] is going to stay in my heart forever and I don’t even know anything, but the basics about them and sometimes a little less.”

My most memorable moment was “at the last day of VBS when the kids were getting on the bus all the kids I had formed relationships with hugged me and even the kids I did not know did the same.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis “I am going to look at the world around me in a new way.”
          -Jenna, 15, student

“[God] taught me to not take all of the great things for granted and to treat others much better when they either give me something I don’t like or anything else like that.”

My most memorable moment was “when my kids got so happy because they were able to bring home a toothbrush and a few toys and know all of the kids knew my name.”
          -Josh, 13, student

Cristian, Lauren & Tania
God taught me to “take time to slow down and worship Him every day. [I have] a greater desire to learn and study His word. [Finally], no matter what barriers exist with God as your focus, anything and everything is possible.”

A memorable moment for me was “becoming a friend/sister in Christ with a child many miles from my home and having the opportunity to continue to support her through daily prayer.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week I want to “look for everyday opportunities to serve in my community. Make sure each day to first focus on God and then my family (turning out distractions.)”
          -Lauren, 44, mother/physical therapist

God taught me “that even though you think that you’re just playing soccer with the kids or putting a roof on someone’s house it actually makes a difference in their lives. It shows that someone cares.”

My most memorable moment was “when the kids were leaving VBS. Not in a bad way, but in how excited the kids were. It kind of broke my heart to see them leave because they were just so much fun and full of heart.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am going “to be grateful for everything I have and to not complain about what I have or what I don’t have. Also, to just reach out to the people around me.”
          -Lizzy, 18, student

Reed & Jose Gabriel
“God taught me of all the stuff I take for granted.”

“My most memorable moment was watching the kids run out of the bus screaming for excitement.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am “saving up for next year’s trip.”
          -Reed, 12, student

“God taught me that you don’t have to have materials to be happy.”

My most memorable moment was “seeing all of those kid’s smiles when they ran out of the bus.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I am going to “look at my life in new eyes and know that I don’t need materials to make me happy. All I need is God.”
          -Ryan, 14, student

“God taught me that you can teach kids about the Lord even though they speak a different language. Also that sometimes it’s not all about you, or winning. Sometimes we need to all let go and have fun and spend time with the kids.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week I want to “not take things so seriously and have more fun, and work at the church more and be more thankful and helpful.”
          -Sarah, 12, student

Yerlin & Scott
“[God] taught me that there is one universal language and that is the Gospel. He taught me and told me that children’s ministry is my calling and I need that to be my next step when I get home.”

A memorable moment for me was “the bus ride home when I got to say goodbye; [it] was heartbreaking, but I was grateful that for four days I impacted these kids spiritually. Also, just being able to talk to Jon about my testimony and my future and [his] guidance really made an impact on me and I hope to continue our friendship”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week I want to do “continue my journey towards working in children’s ministry and just being a missionary at work, neighborhood and everywhere I go.”
          -Scott, 25, patio builder apprentice

Daniela & Stephanie
“I’ve always known that being and doing things with kids is my calling, but I never thought that the kids and I would connect so much even though there is a language barrier – especially with Natali and Lisye.”

A memorable moment for me was “connecting with Natali. I fell in love with her and we connected instantly when we went to her house on Sunday. I will always remember her and pray for her every day.

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week I want to do “basically everything [differently] even though this is my third trip [to Honduras], I need to really stop wanting and wanting and taking things for granted like clean water, flushing toilets, toilet paper, etc.”
          -Stephanie, 17, student

Terri & hubby, Carl
“I enjoyed the simple life [the Beards] have. It’s hard work, but I like living simply. Also, I learned to relax and let the team use their gifts. As a leader of the team, I learned to give up control and trust Him for just about everything. This is big for me because I can be a bit of a control freak. J.”

My most memorable moment was “sharing the week with my three best friends.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis “I’m just continuing to release control and to trust in God’s plan.”
         -Terri, 47, housewife

God taught me “it is not about me; it is about serving those around us, both the team and the locals.”

My most memorable moments were “the joy on the faces of those we did construction projects for; seeing Scott grow as a VBS leader and how much the kids touched his heart; seeing the joy on the faces of the kids attending VBS and hearing the stories about them seeking to know God better.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis I’m going to “do more missions.”
          -Tom, 45, structural engineer/missionary / co-director of Unashamed Missions

“God taught me that he makes all things possible and that he can make the most beautiful things or people out of the least. He taught me to not be so greedy and to stop being a spoiled brat. Christian service should not be about you.”

My most memorable moment was “when Nexser came up to me and told me ‘see you next year’ in Spanish.”

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis “I’m not going to complain about the little stuff.”
          -Victoria, 14, student

God taught me that “the Christian experience is all about relationships, loving and caring for others. God uses all of us, if we are just willing to listen and respond.”

"Besides trying to chop off my leg, [a minor construction accident, a memorable moment for me was] the children in Ojojona were just beautiful, gentle, quiet and polite. I firmly believe that reaching and changing that generation is the way to achieve long term benefit and commitment to Christ."

As a result of serving at Rancho Oasis this week, I will “always remember the tremendous blessing and the gift of Grace that God has provided me and my family. Look for other opportunities to serve and be open to them.”
          -David, 58, IT & Network

“I had enjoyed serving in food prep and snack rotation at VBS.  I loved getting to greet the kids each day while helping with hand washing.  I also very much enjoyed reading books with your girls every day.  I know it was the Spirit who led me to pick up the children's books at the Christian bookstore before I came.”

“The work you are doing is amazing.  I think your example of servant leading your family is an excellent witness in a community where men are rarely so involved with caring for the family.”

The week was exhausting and truly amazing – one big “God only” story as my new friends from Texas like to say! Muchisimas gracias, yawl!!!

Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ’s return, I will be proud that I did not run the race in vain and that my work was not useless. But I will rejoice even if I lose my life, pouring it out like a liquid offering to God, just like your faithful service is an offering to God. And I want all of you to share that joy. Yes, you should rejoice, and I will share your joy.