Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newsito: RO4Y Official Non-Profit

Rancho Oasis for Youth has officially received 501(c)(3) recognition by the IRS.

RO4Y pick-up soccer game

Last winter, we filed for non-profit status and were awarded this standing.

This is great news for our support team!

The art of making paper beads
All donations can now be sent directly to Rancho Oasis for Youth, rather than to our sending church. This makes the transfer of money to the Ranch quicker and easier and also maintains tax-deductibility for our supporters.

Praise the Lord!

Youth Worship
If you are a current member of the RO4Y support team or are prayerfully considering partnering with the work in Honduras, there are now two simple ways to give financial support to the Lord's work:

Rancho Oasis for Youth
P.O. Box #1
Britt, IA  50423

As always, we are blessed and encouraged by all of your support: 
financial, prayer, words of encouragement and short-term trips to Honduras!

Futbol practice
"I don’t say this because I want a gift from you. 
Rather, I want you to receive a reward for your kindness...  
And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:17 & 19 (NLT)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Newsito: Mountaineers for Jesus Part 5

On our final full day at the Ranch, I invited the youth to come and play soccer against the West Virginian team.

Fans & footballers on the RO4Y field

What made the game even more special was the newly donated RO4Y soccer uniforms and WV uniforms! The boy's team also received new balls, shorts, socks, shin guards, practice pennies, cleats, practice cones, nets, goalie gloves and a complete WV soccer uniform. Super-blessed!!!

El Classico - Indios vs. Gringos

Thanks for everything West Virginia Team!!!

Indios - 9  Gringos - 3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Newsito: Mountaineers for Jesus Part 4

At the heart of Rancho Oasis is the Youth and the week of VBS with the Western Virginian volunteers was great.
Final day photo of VBS crew & kids

During the afternoons of VBS, the students were divided into teams with different stations:

 The game table was a great way to interact with the kids (and get their brains thinking). Activities as simple and common in the US, such as puzzles, are extremely challenging and fun for these kids.
Game / Lego / Puzzle Table

Circling up to color & memorize

The art / craft table was a fun way to retell the bible lesson and work on the memory verse for the day.

Working together on activity pages.

The activity page table reinforced the Bible lesson and most importantly its application.

Stuck in Sin - No help from alcohol

One of the greatest challenges facing the team was the language barrier. However, this was easily overcome via skits / mimes to communicate the Good News of Jesus! The kids loved the VBS crew and all eyes were glued on the messages. Great job team!

Our strength can't get us out of sin!
We can't buy our way out of sin!

Pointing to Jesus - only He can free us from sin!

Another blessing for the children who attended the VBS were the daily prizes. We're not talking Chinese handcuffs and glow sticks, but new shoes, backpacks, pants, shirts and school supplies.

Blessed by the new stage and new faces - VBS worship!

Thanks again to the VBS crew!!!
(Julia, Lisa, Mary Beth, Donna, Amelia, Sarah, Kylie and Josy)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Newsito: Mountaineers for Jesus Part 3

     Rancho Oasis took another step towards finishing phase one of construction last week, thanks to some brothers from West Virginia. Phase one includes the completion of the chapel.

The Chapel Stage

Moving & mixing concrete by hand

     Working on the chapel's stages was the most physically demanding job of the week, but the men and our hired help finished in two days. Pastor Shawn insists on raising money to purchase a concrete mixer for next time! Can I hear an amen?

We brought in a special worship band for the stage's inauguration!

The Chapel's Gable Ends

     One of the greatest blessing during the construction work was the fellowship and experience between the men on the team and our hired-hand Oscar and his Uncle, Jose de la Paz. The "hands-on" experience was priceless for Oscar as he was able to try many new power tools (donated by the team) for the first time.

     After living on the property for a year (February 24th was our one year anniversary in Honduras) it was such a blessing to see the chapel one step closer to completion.

The finished stage end of the chapel

House Ceiling Panels

Oscar and AJ
We decided to help "button-up" our current home by enclosing the ceiling with cement board. Prior to this job, the house was just a little "breezy" and we would regularly find the house littered with pine needles, leaves and dust. The panels are being painted with a water barrier (the roof isn't perfect, but that is a project for a future group).

Not only did the men finish some important projects for the Ranch, they also provided great fellowship in the Lord!
Muchisimas gracias, Shawn, AJ and John!
Jose de La Paz & Pastor Shawn

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Newsito: Mountaineers for Jesus Part 2

     We recently concluded an exciting, exhausting and exhilarating week with a team of short-term missionaries (mostly) from West Virginia.

     We were extremely blessed to host this group of hardworking, Jesus loving Mountaineers! I've split the news of their week into several different posts. Enjoy!

Medical Brigade
Advertising the brigade at local convenient store (Pulperia)
Brigade and VBS ads

     The team of three doctors, a pharmacist, five assistants and five interpreters saw nearly 700 patients during the week. They worked inside Ojojona's Health Center with the help of the director Dr. Carmen Lobo and her staff.
The waiting tent & evangelism table outside the health clinic
     Though the medical team saw hundreds of patients, they made the most of every opportunity to pray with patients and encourage them in their struggles. The team was stretched and blessed! We also received report that nearly fifty individuals prayed to receive Christ via the evangelism table. The team even invited the daughter of the retreat center's cook, a med student, to join them during the brigade.

Medical team & interpreters planning for the day
The Ranch's neighbor Dona Rosa and granddaughter Breisy
 One of blessings of the week was being able to employ several members of RO4Y's church body to help with the brigade. Carla cooked meals for the health center's staff, Levin & Eduardo guarded the tents at night and Dona Rosa helped keep the health center clean and organized with supplies.
     The health center's director also wrote and great thank you letter that I've included below:

Dear Brothers:

In such difficult times our country is living, where almost nobody believes in brotherhood, where sincerity has lost its meaning, we the health personnel and the community of Ojojona believe that there are still interested people in changing the destiny of this town.  We know that in order to achieve that change we must be faithful to our heavenly father and lift our prayers in humbleness and thanksgiving to our creator.
Triage outside the clinic's doors
Ojojona has been through many difficult moments, and the town’s health has become fragile.  Sometimes we feel like an island, but our prayers have given fruit and we feel greatly blessed with your presence here.  This small but so significant brigade has been a relief for this community.  I give to you my most sincere thanks for your support.  I know we have much more needs, but I won’t cease to pray for this town and their health, so that we can be a light towards others.

May God guard your return to the United States, and in Honduras you leave many friends.  I am sure our prayers will unite us in the distance.  Thank you for your support.

Carmen Lobo M.

     This medical brigade was the Ranch's (and the Beard's) first experience. It was a lot of preparation and planning, but the Lord blessed the week and put RO4Y in touch with several influential organizations and people in the community of Ojojona. Our prayer is that Ranch Oasis will continue to grow in favor with the people of Ojojona as we seeek to serve our Savior, Jesus!