Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if, in God’s economy, once you’re a believer,
if there is such a things as mistakes.

Take Romans 8:28

We are assured and know that [ God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. (AMP)


Even Hebrews 11, the “Hall of Faith”. A lot of the people mentioned have some pretty bad sins in their lives, but those pecados are remembered no more in the New Testament.


“We do not know what God’s compelling purpose is, but whatever happens, we must maintain our relationship with Him. We must never allow anything to damage our relationship with God, but if something does damage it, we must take the time to make it right again. The most important aspect of Christianity is not the work we do, but the relationship we maintain and the surrounding influence and qualities produced by that relationship. That is all God asks us to give our attention to, and it is the one thing that is continually under attack.”
Oswald Chambers, August 4th My Utmost for His Highest

My mistake:

I got Wayne’s F-250 stuck on this road, that was more like a path. A really, really steep and muddy (more so, wet clay) path. I was lending and delivering the Ranch’s metal chairs to some local Christian brothers for an all night prayer meeting. In my haste, I didn’t check the path and, well, got stuck. Bad.

We, the Brothers and I, tried for over an hour to push the truck up and out. We got far, but not far enough. It was dark, late and they were ready to start their meeting. Therefore, Tyler, our young, temporary Gringo helper and I spent the night in the truck. The next morning, with the connections of our Brothers we got the truck out with six oxen. Yeah, you read that right. 6 OXEN (big bulls, that have no more huevos)!!!

In the process of it all, the truck lost all of its transmission fluid. Did I burn up the transmission? I’d soon find out, that by pure miracle of God, I did not!

Mistake? Of course! Stupid, stupid mistake. But God used it:

-I was humbled.

-Tyler got a great story to conclude his time volunteering at the Ranch.

-I was humbled and had to rely totally on God’s help and the intervention of my Honduran Christian brothers and sisters.

-I met a lot of local believers (and was humbled in the circumstance).

-I met a great mechanic (the brother of one of the gals from Calvary Chapel Tegus). Alec is not a believer, but I think it is the start of a good friendship – we have a lot in common: roughly same age, kids, mountain biking, and playing music. It was so humbling to tell him the story of the truck and amazing to watch God work it all out. “Heal this truck, in Jesus name!”

-A simple, but humbling revelation, Jesus is God, I’m not. He controls all.

-My father-in-law took the “mistake” in stride! This was a humble action being lived out in real time.

Needless to say, my “mistake” was a great teacher, faith and relationship builder! (It was also pretty humbling).


PRAISE: As stated in my latest prayer requests, our one-year residency application was accepted. Now we wait!

PRAY: Still working on the bus plates! My meeting with the President’s assistant was rescheduled for next week. Pray that God would bless us with great favor and all would go well with the bus.

PRAY: Internet, you know. Still waiting for installation.

PRAISE: Met Dona Tina, a local midwife. Great lady and we think we are going to use her for the baby birth in Decemeber. We still would like to meet the other local midwife, her sister, Dona Tilde. They’re as traditional as you get – taught by mom, who was taught by grandma, taught by… etc. Mare is doing well, but sore. Pray for strength.

PRAY: for Jon’s parent’s visit in Decemeber. They are bringing a bunch of “missionary contraband” pray for favor as they go through customs.

PRAY: Mare’s mom, Brooke, is back in the States for a spell. Pray that God would bless her time as she builds connections for the Ranch with local churches!

PRAY: Literacy class has wavered. Back to two students and Miriam, our teenage teacher, didn’t show up last week. I’m not sure if she was prepared for the commitment and spiritual warfare in being involved with ministry.

PRAISE: For some financial help with new expenses. Continue to pray for God’s provision for the ministries expenses.

PRAY: For the completion of our home’s construction.

PRAISE: The “remodel” of the little house is going great! Oscar, a local brother in Christ and Jose Alfredo, the unsaved, cousin of a Christian friend are doing great! Pray for Jose’s salvation!

PRAY: Jose Luciano, our helper is extremely inconsistent. He is a great worker, when he shows up, but will go days without work and no phone calls. Not sure what do, but it seems like mercy is running low. Can I say that? Pray for wisdom on how to best minister to Jose.

PRAISE: Guitar class is awesome! Weekly new faces arrive, while familiar ones are beginning to rock out for Jesus!

PRAY: for the transition of the help on Sunday mornings without the group from Tegus (coming in October). Looking for wisdom and direction.

PRAISE: Still have strong attendance for the teen bible study; we just started Acts. Pray for God’s help as I communicate with the teens.

PRAY: For Naomi and Tabi – what can I say they are adorable little Beardos!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taking Courage

One of the chief needs in our waiting upon God, one of the deepest secrets of its blessedness and blessing, is a quiet, confident persuasion that it is not in vain; courage to believe that God will hear and help; we are waiting on a God who never could disappoint His people.
Andrew Murray’s Waiting on God

Saturday afternoon’s youth group Bible study is also growing. I want to instill within them a desire to not only sustain their relationship with God, but to grow in it. True to form, I’m borrowing ICM’s IBS seminar material with the youth. I’ve seen the material really challenge these young adults to not simply think of pat Sunday School answers, but to search for the true meaning and application of the passage to their lives. It is fun to watch their brains be stretched as I allow them to share (it seems that most of the time, Latin American churches preach at the youth). I’ve also closed our studies by asking them to pray for the person on their right. It is sweet to hear their simple, almost embarrassed prayers go up to the Lord. I know that these gentle “pushes” will bring many to a maturity in Christ!

Sunday afternoon service has also been a great blessing.

Corporate worship & Kid´s Sunday School

Jon´s class (8-10) and the Teens

Women´s and Men´s Study

My mother-in-law, Brooke, and I have been leading worship; then we breake up into four, sometimes five Bible studies: toddler to seven-years-old, eight to eleven, teens, woman’s and men’s groups. All but one of these studies are lead by members of Calvary Chapel Tegucigalpa. Pastor Jason from Tegus and I have set a goal to stop sending/depending on help from CC Tegus members in October. Currently, that seems impossible because I’m the only Spanish speaker on staff. I’m looking into ways to equip some of the woman and teens with the knowledge to teach the younger classes, but still not sure how the adult studies will pan out. Many ideas are being prayed through, including having be teach all the adults and teens together, with a few adults and teens teaching the younger class. Please pray for wisdom in this transition coming in October.

Tegus missionary Patty Mula, Marillyn, Tabi - Brooke and Tegus helper Karina

Meeting with local pastors:
One my heart’s desires is to befriend and disciple pastors and leaders in the area. I’ve been given so much in terms of training that to bless church leaders with some of this knowledge to intern blesses their own people would… bless my socks off. I’ve begun working through Intensive Care Ministries’ Inductive Bible Study Seminar material with a local pastor named Carlos. Although he missed our second meeting last Wednesday, he came a few days later to help clarify a few questions he had about the homework. It was exciting to see his excitement about the growing in the word! (Learn more about ICM and my father-in-law, Wayne’s ministry).

We are interested in purchasing this baby colt. Naomi named him Paz (“Peace”). We’ve offered the family 2,000 lempiras ($106) and are waiting for a response. If you are interested in sponsoring the purchase of this horse, please contact us.

Tyler, our young help from Texas, is wrapping up his time at the Ranch. Without a doubt, God has used this time to stretch this young man in ways I’m sure that he isn’t even aware of. He has been used to help with many projects around the Ranch, including a chicken coup. Please pray about coming to volunteer your help with us; Gringos are given an instant 3 month VISA, which can be extended an extra month for $20.

Wayne & Tyler constructing new (recyled) chicken coup

Continue to pray for

-Internet. Still no news or installation.

-Marillyn and the baby. Visited the local private hospital for an ultrasound. Todo cheque! (All is good). Still searching for a midwife. Yesterday got one step closer with the phone number of a woman from Ojojona. (We visited her house, but wasn´t there).

-Jon´s parents are visiting in September to celebrate the girls birthdays. Pray for the safe travel and preparation.

-Literacy class is growing. We gone from 2 to 6 students!

-Increased financial support to cover new expenses like electrical bill and internet bill.

-Our home´s construction to be completed. We know all is in God´s timing…

-Our helper, Jose Luciano, has been faithful to come all week and accomplishing much! Praise God!

-Wisdom for the start of a new project on the Ranch. We are going to do a facelift on one of the current houses on the property. We received a generous donation specifically for this work, as we hope it will encourage people to come down and join us for staff. Two new, local men will be working for us – Oscar and Jose Alfredo. Wayne, my father-in-law, will be directing this project (We have our first official new staff member coming in January. Josy, a recent high shool grad from West Virginia).

-Guitar class is still going strong. The numbers have thinned out, but this allows the faithful (and gifted) to get more time on one of the 4 guitars we have.

One of our morning rituals - ¨Bible story¨

The Baby´s moma showing her excitment over the possibily of our adopting her son.