How We Serve...

2015 Taller CDP Trade School Students

Ojojona, Honduras is a small, rural community located in the mountains an hour south of Honduras´capital. Life is slower, roads are gravel and the people get from here to there on foot, horseback or old US yellow school buses.

Arriving in February of 2010 we focused on establishing our home as well as beginning outreaches and activities for the community.

We have now completed five seasons of ministry at the Ranch and have been blessed to be flexible and sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in how we minister the Word of God into the lives of those we serve. A ministry season is November – August. Ministry slows down in September and October because these are the heaviest months of rain.

Guitar and youth study have continued to be a staple of the ministry, but the original Sunday service has been divided into a Friday afternoon children’s study and a Wednesday afternoon adult Bible study. We have also expanded the fĂștbol/soccer club outreach into two divisions: elementary (8 to 12-years-old) and high school (13 to 16-years-old). We will be starting our fourth tournament this school break in December. Lucinda has started teaching English in the local elementary school twice a week to keep “a door open” to new relationships with kids and their parents in the village. We have also incorporated the horses into riding lessons during Sunday school, as well as inviting some local orphans for lessons during the school break. In 2015 a new round pen and riding ring were constructed and we are excited to see these "tools" used in outreach/ministry. Three of our newest ventures have been a community square-foot-gardening program with some youth, a form of micro-lending as we help some local families get over the hump to complete needed building projects and a trade school emphasizing arts and crafts with young adults 12 - 25 years of age.

Every activity at the Ranch includes prayer and Bible study because it is our desire to show that Jesus wants to be included and leading in every aspect of our life!

We have so many more plans and goals to improve the spiritual and physical lives of our community, the capital (Tegucigalpa) and beyond, but wait on the Lord for his timing and more help. God has also raised up local leadership to help in RO4Y activities. It is our heart to disciple and equip these young, Honduran-Christian adults to be leaders in their community for Christ.

We also actively involve short-term mission teams into the long-term vision of discipleship. So far, larger teams offer help in a variety of outreaches (building/work projects, Vacation Bible School and health seminars) and on-site building/work projects, while smaller teams offer assistance in daily life and ministry at the Ranch. Rancho Oasis also has a goal to help prepare Christian servants for full-time service in an internship program lasting three months. RO4Y interns assist in the daily functions of the Ranch, as well as use some of their specific gifts and talents for the Lord. (For example, flute/recorder classes, girl's art class and a girl's soccer team.) The possibilities are truly endless!

Life is challenging in Honduras, but we are excited to see God working here.

(Updated August 2015)