Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Newsito: 2014 Furlough Report

Paying the "exit" tax before our departure in Tegucigalpa with dollars or lempiras.
"Cute" isn't a valid currency, yet!

The family and I are half-way through our church fellowship visits. So far, we've shared at churches in Northern & Eastern Iowa, Wisconsin, West Virginia and suburban Chicago. We have two more scheduled stops:
Flower Mound, Texas and Des Moines, Iowa.

Rockin' some Jesus music with the Bachleitner family.
PRAISE: We have been blessed with much encouragement, great meals, and wonderful hospitality this furlough (a.k.a. "working holiday")

The RO4Y display table offering: Coffee, Lempira bill bookmarks...
Paper-bead Jewelry (bracelets, necklaces & earrings), Friendship bracelets, Wooden Signs... 

Jean Bags, Crocheted Hats & coffee mug coozies and T-shirt scarves.

​With the trade school tripling in size this year, the students have fared extremely well in sales. We've even had two churches buy a surplus to stock their bookstore! We are excited to start the planning stages to open a site for the Trade School products on Etsy. More details soon to come! PRAY for God's blessing & wisdom for the students to learn godly stewardship.

We are continuing to pray for God's provision for bringing electricity to the new property. Estimates for tapping into the grid run to ~$15,000. A combo of solar & wind run close to ~$25,000. PRAY for wisdom one which option to take and the Lord's provision. 

PRAISE: During our visits, God provided the funds to move forward with the electrical study to run our own private line of electricity. The study will be approved by the Honduran electric company and give us an estimate on building materials needed. PRAY that the study is approved by the electric company before our return to Honduras. (Again, we are still praying for direction between alternative & grid electric, but the study is a step in understanding which "path" to take.)

Miguel & Oscar extracting "zombie grass". (Unusable, prolific long grasses on the new property.)

PRAISE: News from the Ranch has also been good! Oscar and his brother, Miguel, continue to work daily with the animals and continue to prep the new property for our estimated arrival in early 2015. Oscar has shared that his younger, half-brother is softening to the gospel. PRAY for Miguel's salvation & wisdom for Oscar. As long as the fields aren't too muddy, Oscar continues to coach the soccer team on Saturdays. 

Ilsy shows off one of her Bible study crafts.
Ilsy and her daughter, Lysse, are watching the property and living life in the village. Ilsy has been spending time with the neighbor girls, Dunia and Keyla, who are both involved in the trade school and youth group Bible study. The three are also leading girl's Bible study on Fridays. Continue to PRAY for their protection and wisdom with the day to day.

Tabitha                     &                     Naomi

​PRAISE: We've also celebrated two family birthdays the first week of September! Naomi turned 8 and Tabitha 6.

We've had some time for R & R! PRAISE for God's faithfulness!
It's not often the Beard family can enjoy a movie, in the theater with Closed-Captioning for Mare with Jon's parents! Clearly "Made in the U.S.A."

PRAY for us & the remainders of our travels!
We return to Honduras the end of October.

Saying good-bye to Wayne & Brooke Goranson, Mare's parents,
while we prepare to hit the road!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Fall Furlough Schedule (5 Reasons to Be Back in the USA)

RO4Y Fall 2014 US Tour Dates

The Beard Family Six
L - R: Marillyn, Poema, Tobias, Naomi, Jon, Tabitha

Thursday, August 14                          Arrive in Minneapolis                                                 USA

Sunday, August 17                   Evangelical Free Church of Britt                                Britt, IA

Sunday, August 24                               Freedom Fellowship                               Kaukauna, WI

Sat. / Sun., August 30/31            Calvary Chapel Morgantown                   Morgantown, WV

Sat. / Sun., September 6/7               Bloomingdale Church                          Bloomingdale, IL

Sunday, September 14               Calvary Chapel Cedar Rapids                 Cedar Rapids, IA

Sunday, September 21                       Valley Creek Church                        Flowermound, TX

Sunday, October 12                     Calvary Chapel Des Moines                        Des Moines, IA

Friday, October 25                         Rancho Oasis for Youth                      Ojojona, Honduras

 While in the USA, the Beards can be reached at:

Ministry donation requests:
scrap-booking & card-stock paper, old maps, magazines, 100% cotton jersey t-shirts XL & larger, beads, cords, neckties and jewelry supplies; soccer cleats (sizes 6 - 9), shin guards; 3/4 guitars (child size); Spanish books (children's and Christian inspirational) for our library.

Oscar, our full time Honduran assistant, leads the soccer boys in a devotional.

Fact #1:  
To raise awareness of the ministry happening

          God’s Spirit is changing the lives of children, teens
and their families in the rural mountains of southern Honduras.

          Your friendship, partnership and prayers are critical for our success!
Will you join our support team?

          [Paul & Barnabas] called the church together and reported everything God had done through them. Acts 14:27 (NLT)

Ilsy & Marillyn with the Trade School Artisan Craft students.

Fact #2:  
To increase our financial support so we can influence more lives

          The Ranch has been blessed with consistent financial giving to cover all of our basic ministry needs. With more monthly support we can expand current projects that we have in the community to help with people's standard of living and mental/spiritual health, plus give us more in roads to communicate the Gospel.  The reality is that money is necessary to provide the services we offer to the youth of Ojojona and Tegucigalpa.

We finalized the purchase a new property for the Ranch in September of 2013.
(Four times the size of our current location). We will be collecting funds to improve the property and pay off our interest-free loan! Major projects include bringing electricity to the property, new fencing and finalizing the four large construction projects: the Beard's home/team meal hall, ministry house renovation, stable for animals, and new staff housing. 
 A large financial invest would be a major blessing. 

Please inquire about other financial needs.

We trust that God will provide for the ministry's needs;
Is He calling you to be involved financially?

You Philippians were the only ones who gave me financial help when I first brought you the Good News. Phil 4:15 (NLT)

The barn-building crew from Calvary Chapel Des Moines!
One of many projects started at the new property this year!

Fact #3: 
To call the body of Christ to come along side us
by organizing short-term missions teams

          The majority of the Ranch’s construction projects are completed by groups and the money & labor they put into the buildings. Completed projects mean more opportunity to share the Gospel. We've also expanded outreach to the community via VBS, community/RO4Y family construction projects, health seminars, a youth purity conference, rummage sales and special dinners. Teams have also joined us by participating in the regular scheduled events of the ministry week. 

So much construction as been accomplished in the ministry season of 2013/2014! The ministry house has been painted, the electrical wired, and a weak, sinking wall reinforced with concrete footing. Our home & space for hosting teams is nearly complete! The stable has been built with a few minor details remaining. Yet, so much left to improve on this 17 acre property.

          We also recognize the dynamic spiritual change that can happen during a missions trip. Marillyn and I are serving as full-time missionaries because of our short-term experiences. 

It’s a kingdom building investment at the Ranch and in your life.
Is God calling you to invest a week or more of your life for His kingdom in Honduras this year?

The Holy Spirit said, “Dedicate Barnabas and Saul for the special work to which I have called them.” Acts 13:2 (NLT)

RO4Y Staff
Lucinda (North American, 2nd year full-time),
Ilsy (Honduran, 1st year full-time)
Andrea (North American, 3-month intern)
Fact #4:
 To recruit short-term (3 month) and long-term staff & families

          In the field, Rancho Oasis is one full-time North American staff, two full-time Honduran staff and a family of six that includes one Spanish speaking adult, a deaf woman and four children under the age of eight. We are stretched to the max and amazed at all that God is doing. We’ve seen God move even more when another adult or young person joins us in ministry.

          Reality is we can’t accomplish what God has called us to do on our own.
God is preparing each one of us in the body of Christ to serve and advance His kingdom.
Will you test God’s faithfulness to you at Rancho Oasis?

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 (NLT)

"Siesta, anyone?"

Fact #5:
For some R & R: "Refreshment and Rejuvenation"

          10 months of ministry with all of its ups and downs can be invigorating to the soul, but draining on the body. The Beards are looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family, as well as enjoying time as a family!

That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying,
our spirits are being renewed every day. 2 Corinthians 4:16 (NLT)

We look forward to seeing you this Fall!!
Keep these goals in your prayers!!! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 - Weeks 12 - 15 Photo N' Prayer Review

Week 12

Our sending church: Calvary Chapel Des Moines March 2014
LEFT: How many guys does it take to set the first stable post? Enough!
RIGHT: Gabe & Oscar mix the concrete by-hand.

LEFT: The "monkeys" on the crew set the stable's rafters
RIGHT: The ladies coat the wood with a bug/water repellent

The new RO4Y stable - 85% complete!!! Praise the Lord!!!

LEFT: The ladies teach the kids English vocab bingo with Lucinda at the local elementary school.
RIGHT: Ray helps Fernando during guitar class.

LEFT: Mare & Shannon share some laughs (and a few tears).
RIGHT: Following Bible study, the ladies teach the girls how to make rubber-band bracelets.

Gracias, CCDM!!! It was a great week of ministry & fellowship!!!

Week 13
Marillyn & her father, Wayne Goranson,
have their final walk through of the house before his return to the US.

LEFT: Wayne's bottle window art
RIGHT: Oscar holds a recent find on the new property; he's holding the severed snake body together!

Starting the foundation for the staff housing.
We received a donation specifically for the new staff housing.
Our goal is to get the foundation built & the adobe bricks made,
so we can begin construction after the rainy season!

We love you "Papi" Wayne!!!

This panoramic shot allows you to see the stable (far left), the Beard's home (under construction),
the ministry house (the current home) & the grading for the new staff housing (far right).
Beautiful landscape!!! God's provision is amazing!

Adding the final layer of adobe bricks on the house walls.

Girl's Bible study worship in Diana's home!
Diana had to watch her home, so we switched location for a week!

A few of the soccer boys had the opportunity to meet Samuel Cabellero,
former Honduran football star who works with youth.
The Ranch might partner with World Vision and Samuel's football program.

Week 14

The Trade School students hold their new, New Believer Bibles.
We continue to read through various New Testament passages twice a week.

Jon discusses wood with Francisco while purchasing lumber in Tegus for the new home.

Foundation ditches being dug on the new staff housing.

Collecting glass bottles for our window art project at the local dump!

Mare works with the kids, planting in the garden.

Tabitha tries out the new loom that "Papi" Wayne built.

Week 15

The adobe bricks being produced for the new staff housing.

A mixture of mud, water & pine needles are placed in the wooden mold to make the bricks.

Our "Futbolito" Tournament winners in the village:
Ismael, Cesar, Nexser and Marvin.

The walls have begun to be stuccoed - a concrete "coating" to cover/protect the adobe bricks.

Roof Ready!!!

Oscar leads Bible study on our Saturday morning "Futbolito" Tournament in Ojojona.

Thanks for your continued prayer covering over our family, ministry partners & outreach!!!