Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 - March Photo N Prayer Review

We're prayerfully trying something new to help raise funds for our new staff housing named
"Casa de Apoyo" or "Support House".

PRAISE that we have a $3,000 commitment from one of our supporting churches to start the fundraising!!!

Filipenses FC Futbol

The U-12 boys soccer team competed in the final,
but fell short loosing 2-0.

We had quite the crowd for the U-12 boys final!

PRAY for Oscar to clearly communicate the Gospel and that the team will grow in athletic skill and spiritual depth.

The U-25 men's team gathers after our first victory: 2-1!


JOY! The young women of Taller CDP

Fidelia separates the varnished paper beads so they don't try together.

PRAY for Ilsy and Marillyn to lead these woman into a deeper relationship with Jesus and a greater knowledge of their art.

Ilsy leads these young women in a Bible devotional

The ladies' Etsy store, Las Aguas Verdes, is currently showcasing their Spring line of jewelry!
CLICK HERE to view the latest handmade Honduran fashions!


Ilsy & Chelsea lead the girls in a dynamic game of "Red Rover".

PRAY for these girls (elementary & junior high) to cultivate a passion for God's word and truth.

Jon breaks-out with the junior high girls as we study the Gospel of John.


The ladies present their "Frozen" birthday cupcakes at Ilsy's daughter's school!

Continue to PRAY for our intern Chelsea
as she finishes her final month with us at Ranch Oasis. 
PRAY for more "called" staff to serve with us short and long term!

Lissye and Jon celebrate their birthdays..."Let it go, baby."

PRAY for the Ranch's non-profit to finalize. 
We're still waiting on the final word on the "final" payment...

Rescuing Esther!
After 4+ months of "disappearing" from the Ranch one of the youth spotted Esther in a not-so-nearby village. We sought her out and found her sickly, but have been restoring her back to health.
What a miracle!

PRAISE concerning our vehicle.
A few RO4Y supporting churches rallied (or are about to rally) and took a benevolence offering to raise the funds for purchasing & replacing the Durango's transmission. The hope is to get it replaced in April! 
PRAY for all the logistics to work out: sending the transmission & the mechanic ! We've been 3 months without our vehicle!!!

Even the horses rummage through the trash dump in town during the dry season!
Poverty exists on so many levels in Honduras.

PRAISE for the generosity of our support team and the US government (our tax return). Many of our unexpected expenses were covered. (See last month's post!) God is faithful!

Time to change the water filter??? (I think so!)

Jon's parents, Dave & Marsha Beard, make their annual grandparent rounds!

PRAY for the "Elder" Beards to have fruitful/meaningful trip at the Ranch.

Where'd you go for Spring Break?
Playa Rancho Oasis!!!

PRAISE for the much need rest over Semana Santa ("Holy Week").
Our Honduran staff have the week off and the Beard family are enjoying some down time and extra fellowship with nearby friends!
Continue to PRAY for our individual spiritual growth, marriages, families and strength against the constant spiritual warfare!

All bounced out!
The trampoline was resurrected after a year in hibernation.

PRAISE for our amazing support team.
We are blessed & strengthened by your words of encouragement, financial gifts and prayers!!!