Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Answered Prayer!!!

These beautiful flowers covered Rancho Oasis when we returned from our trip to the States.

Muchisimas Gracias for all the hard work from our first short-term mission team from the States. This was actually the third trip to Honduras for our friends from Maine.

Project # 1:
Finishing the floor in the multi-purpose building

All the work was completed by hand - including mixing cement.
¨We don´t need no stinking dump trucks.¨

Project # 2:
Installing Grey Water & Bio-Di-gesture Septic Tanks for bathhouse

The (almost) Completed Bathhouse

Transparent roofing panels to keep out rain, but let in sun to dry clothes;
Black hose for ¨solar¨showers to conserve energy.

We are still missing doors, windows and a few other miscellaneous things.
Pray we get some good prices!


1. The Bus: God has opened a door where no man could open! The bus has been granted a three month extension and should receive all of the proper documentation by the first week in June! When it appeared that it was a lost cause to get our beloved bus into Honduras, God came through! Yes, without a doubt this one stretched all of us as God waited to do His “thing” until the last week! Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers.

2. We’ve opened the doors (or gate) of the Ranch three times a week to the youth in addition to Sunday afternoon’s Bible study. Jon heads into town with the bus to pick-up anywhere from 10 to 30 kids for work activities like washing the bus, to music or English classes. Anyone interested in donating unused/unwanted acoustic guitars and percussion instruments - let us know.

3. One of our biggest needs at the Ranch is simply help. We have several young adults who are interested in spending weeks to months helping us at the Ranch. Please pray for these American and Honduran young adults. Pray that God would prepare their hearts.

4.Our community worship and Bible studies on Sunday afternoons are growing. Not merely in numbers, but in involvement. The local women have begun to volunteer with bringing snacks and the middle age class that Jon teaches is getting more involved with the Word of God. Please pray for a maturing among the believers that attend from Ojojona. Our goal is to be completely independent from the ministry in Tegucigalpa by this fall. Their support and ministry has been a huge blessing, but God wants them to focus where they are at and for the people of Ojojona to take up responsibility for ministry.

5. Wayne and Brooke, Marillyn’s parents will be heading back to the States this week for some IBS seminars and support team building. Pray for their safe travel and productive ministry time. Also, pray for the Beards as they take on the responsibilities of RO4Y, their home construction project and a group of almost 20 teens in June!

6. The construction for our home is well under way. Oscar, Luis and the other men have been a huge blessing. Please pray for the Lord´s provision to be able to complete the home by the birth of our little one. The men are currently preparing to put up the roof in order to work in the rain.

7. PRAISE: We should be receiving internet at the property this week! Pray that all goes through quickly.

As always, thanks for your prayers and encouragement!!!