Friday, January 29, 2010

West Coast Adventures

Greetings Everyone!

Our trip to the States was very fruitful and refreshing. We were able to touch base with many supporters and churches, as well as receive much encouragement from speakers at the missions conference and friends throughout our stay.

Thank you so much for your prayers, especially as we prepare for our move to Honduras. E.T.D. = February 22, 2010. We are also in the midst of negotiating a price for the 23 passenger van, please pray for logistics and details of the purchase. (UPDATE! We agreed upon a price - half of what they were going to ask for the bus! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and Pura Vida Missions generosity!)

Before you enjoy the photo history of our journey, let me thank a few of our sponsors and share some prayer requests:

  • Kennedy Conference Connections, Indiana
  • Vista Vierya Extended Stay Hotels in Long Beach, California.
  • CCPC Van Rentals, Westminster, California
  • Chuck ‘N Nancy’s Parcel Transport, Long Beach, California
  • C & C Bed & Breakfast, Edgewood, Washington

(These businesses are fictitious and any relation to real people or businesses is purely coincidental... sort of. Actually, this was just a sneaky way to thank some of those individuals and supporters who made this visit possible – gracias!)


  • Preparation & Logistics for the move to Honduras (For example, packing, deciding what to sell and what to keep, preparing paperwork to cross two border, Costa Rica/Nicaragua and Nicaragua/Honduras, etc)
  • Praise for the Lord's provision of the bus; Pray that all the logistics of paperwork and insurance (Both Costa Rica and Honduras).
  • Pray for Tabi - she is teething and not doing so hot. She's really restless and we've had several nights of interrupted sleep.
  • Pray for protection of the property in Honduras. The caretakers have left, which makes our transition onto the property easier, but noone is currently living on the property to "take-care" of it. Pray for safety of the buildings and possessions there.
  • Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people of Ojojona. That they would be interested and open to the Gospel and that we would be able to stand in good favor with the community and our neighbors.
  • Pray for our individual devotion and family devotion time. In this time of excitement it is easy to get carried away with things to do, but we can't neglect the Lord. Pray that God would continue to give us a hunger for His word.
Orange County, California:
December 28th - January 3rd

Celebrating Marillyn's 25th birthday with Indian food!

Long Beach Aquarium

Food, Friends & Fellowship

Christmas Carols with Nina (Grandma Brooke)

Sharing at one of our supporting churches:
Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast

This is youth/missions pastor Robert Benoun...

How many Roberts can you find? * (See end for answer)
Some of these kids will be joining us in Honduras this summer on a short term missions trip - pray for the logistics and ready hearts!

2010 Calvary Chapel Missions Conference:
January 4th - 7th

Seattle, Washington: January 8th - 18th

View of Seattle from Space Needle

Our Seattle hosts, Clark & Charlotte Helle

The Helle Grandkids

Snow fun on Mt. Rainier - Jet/Birdseye View

Paradise Lodge

Our Cute Carry-on "Luggage"

* answer: 4 Roberts

While reading Ripley's Believe It or Not I learned that Mentos and Diet Cola cause a "fun" chemical reaction - Watch as Naomi and I, in protective gear, let sparks fly...