Saturday, April 7, 2018

March '18 Review: NEW LIFE

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom."
- Helen Thompson

The Goal: One of the many books that is giving insight & direction to our future focus.

PRAY for us as we continue to move forward on this new horse therapy adventure! Sometimes the tasks before us (building a paddock, properly leveling & RE-building the ridding ring, creating a horse therapy program & equipping ourselves with the knowledge to "do this right") seem overwhelming! 

BUT imagining what the end result will be keeps us moving forward! 

Like the time our friends from Tegucigalpa brought their children to the Ranch from their children's home (a.k.a. orphanage). It was a fun day outside the city playing and enjoying God's creation, including the horses... click & scroll to the bottom of the link.

Horse & child: a unique bond.
There was one girl in particular who was very standoffish and stoic. Somehow Marillyn convinced her to "come out of the shadows" and groom Zoeva. Something was beginning to happen in this mundane task. Soon after, Marillyn began giving pony rides to the children and, again, miraculously got this emotionally damaged little girl on the back of Zoeva. Slowly her hard exterior began to fall away.

Not long after her ride, our friends approached us and asked, "What did you guys do????"

We weren't sure what they were referring too, but we were nervous!

With tears in her eyes, our friend described that that was the first time in nearly a year of working & living with this young girl that they had seen her smile and heard her laugh while she was riding Zoeva! They were in awe and many months later told us that that experience was the start of the healing process for that little girl.

This is what we hope to recreate again and again with our horses: Jesus & His creation!


Cross frame building & paper-bead varnishing.

PRAY for the creativity, sales & direction of the trade school.
PRAY for the new students to grow their skill & Marillyn to direct that growth.

PRAY for spiritual growth & maturity in their lives.

Bi-weekly Bulk shopping in Tegus

Rancho Oasis: 1 - Rancho Ebenezer: 4
Silliness with missionary friends at the Beard-B-Q

PRAY for wisdom & direction in our role as the Region Six Representatives of the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries. We are so grateful to be able to give back to a local ministry that has meant so much to us during our time in Honduras: from the annual missionary retreat to the one-on-one counseling sessions and the countless friendships that have formed since 2010!

Semana Santa Missionary Beard-B-Q

PRAISE for a wonderful day together
at the 3rd Annual Missionary "Beard-B-Q."
The Ranch provides us the unique opportunity to bless our fellow friends and missionaries, many of whom live in the urban jungle of Tegucigalpa. Hosting 80+ people was a little crazy, but a lot of fun!!! 

Another year completed & another ice cream flavor checked off this list:
"One Night in Bangkok Sundae"
Jeni's Spendid Ice Creams

PRAISE for the countless blessings (and trials) that the Lord has brought my way over the last 41 years! Thank you all for standing by us and continually lifting us up in prayer! 

It's a crappy job, but somebody has to empty the Bio-digestor!

PRAY for us as we work through this transitional period of life & ministry at the Ranch. I, Jon, was once the lead voice at RO4Y directing the Bible study outreach and soccer programs, but now I find myself in a supportive role helping with our kids' homeschooling and assisting Marillyn with the equestrian ministry & trade school. It is ALL GOOD, just different!

Easter Services at our English speaking fellowship in Tegus:
Union Christian Church

PRAY for our English speaking fellowship in Tegucigalpa. We are still in search of a new head pastor! In the meantime, I have volunteered to do some teaching through the book of Titus and have been given a few dates in May. PRAY that God would give me the humility and wisdom in preaching to our beloved congregation of missionaries, embassy workers, bi-lingual school teachers and a hodge-podge of English speaking Hondurans and foreigners!

Trampoline Therapy: a.k.a. "Kids get out of the house & burn off some energy!!!" 

PRAY for our TCK's (Third-Culture Kids)! God has gifted us with some truly amazing children! PRAY for us as parents! This summer we will also be participating in our first MK (missionary kid) Camp: Marillyn is in charge of the kitchen for 100+ kids and I will be the main speaker! 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."
-2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV)

PRAISE the Lord for His faithfulness through you,
our beloved support team!

Continue to PRAY for God's strength,
wisdom & provision!!!

Please note our new US / Colorado mailing address below:

Rancho Oasis for Youth
6547 Academy Blvd #472

Colorado Springs, CO

Saturday, March 3, 2018

February '18 Review: PERSPECTIVE

Watching Mati... who's watching mommy... who's watching Nedo.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it 

brings us in contact with the rare elements of 

grace, beauty, spirit and fire.”

-Shannon Ralls Lemon

Tabitha: learning with/on Nedo.

That quote is perfectly said. Horses first captured my heart when I, Marillyn, was 7 years old. They’ve been a soothing balm to my heart & soul growing up as a deaf girl trying to find her way in a big world. Horses have pushed me, in their own gentle way, to better myself and believe I can do anything I set my mind to... even when the world tried to tell me I couldn’t because of being deaf.

Naomi & Nedo: riding the rail.

Fast forward to adulthood... it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve worked closely with horses. To be honest, I grew discouraged and was starting to give up the dream of doing equine therapy. The process of getting Nedo has re-awakened my dreams and was nothing short of a miracle! Slowly, and somewhat cautiously, I feel my heart’s desires being revived. The Lord has used these magnificent animals to shape me to be the person that I am today and it’s my heart’s desire to see others be impacted by these horses as much as they’ve impacted me. I am looking forward to the continuing process of being shaped by the Lord through this guy and other horses we believe will join us in the years to come!

Feliz dia de amor e amistad!

My core group of gals SURPRISED me with

some late Valentines gifts today. 

Honestly, I didn’t expect that!!!! 

Sisters Tatiana & Yahaira work with their cousin & new student, Lorena.

This is a FIRST and just what I needed to know that I am appreciated & loved by them... because, quite frankly, I often wonder if they think I’m just some crazy, deaf gringa speaking Spanglish {which... I am} but, really, I do struggle and wonder. Especially with all the cultural difference I’ve had to wade through and all the things I’ve had to learn the hard way and all the humble pie I’ve had to swallow over the years as we build up our trade school... But, amazingly, it’s been worth AAALLL the struggles, questioning, frustrations, and tears just to see their beautiful smiles while they presented me their gifts.

Daddy Fun Day: movie & a pizza!

 “Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do, but someone you raise.”
-Andy Stanley

Poema: my very special pupil!

Tobias: learning to read!

Annual Missionary Retreat or Bust!!!

8 Y E A R S ago, we moved from the hot 

tropical beaches & mountains of Costa Rica to 

the cool, pine covered mountains of Honduras.

To be honest... if God would have let me make a list of countries that I would want to live in and gave me the choice of where I would go, Honduras would not even come close to being on that list... and He knew that. There have been {many} times over the years, when life got especially hard, I’ve asked God “Why are we here?!” and begged Him to move us somewhere else... yet, He has kept us firmly here.

Hosting our first regional missionary meeting as recently elected reps!

When we first moved here, He gave me this... “I am not promising you that life will be easy, just that it will be worth it” and a recent devotion (February 27th) from #NewMorningMercies was exactly that... My life is not good because it is easy or predictable, but because the I AM has invaded my existence by His grace.

Soul Care: leading worship at the conference with my buddy, Ken.

Why did God send us into Honduras? He did it because He knows that sometimes we need the storms/trials in order to be able to see the glory. For us believers, peace is not to be found in ease of life. Real peace is only ever found in the presence, power, and grace of the Savior, the King, the Lamb, the I AM. That peace is mine even when the storms of life {aka Honduras} take me beyond my natural ability, wisdom, and strength. Now... I can live with hope and courage in the middle of what once would have produced discouragement and fear because I know I am never alone. The I AM inhabits all situations, relationships, and locations by His grace.
He is in me.
He is with me.
He is for me.

He is MY HOPE 

"Great is thy faithfulness, Oh Lord."

My L I F E verse...

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong {dynamite}
2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Please continue to stand in prayer with us 

about our ministry outreach,

 finances and family.

We love you guys!!!

Soul Care: a morning hike & prayer