Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 - March Photo N Prayer Review

Our project foreman, Jose de la Paz, grouts the "courtyard" floor.

 1. We’ve set a goal to move to the new property in early April during the annual break of Semana Santa (“Holy Week” or the week prior to Easter Sunday). PRAY for wisdom on accomplishing a variety of tasks to get the houses ready for both the Beard family and our staff. Jon has been dedicating half-days at the new property to move forward on the necessary to-do list to make the move a reality. Jon’s parents, David and Marsha Beard are also coming on the 23 of March to help prep the new property! Exciting and potentially very stressful time ahead! Please PRAY for the right balance of pushing forward and waiting on God’s timing!!!

Andrew, Brent & Paul: Gracias friends for all your hard work & fellowship!

2. PRAISE for the three brothers in Christ who helped knock out some major work on the new house. Brent and Paul from Lucinda’s fellowship in Britt, Iowa and Andrew came from Yuma, Arizona for his second trip to the Ranch.

The guys were able to finish most of the electrical, plumbing and doors/cabinets. 

They made our goal to move in early April that much more of a reality!

​​Poles 3 & 4 behind the ministry house and the Beard's new home.

3. PRAISE: the second phase of the electrical installation has begun! Phase 2 consists of bringing the secondary electrical lines up to the houses on the property. However, we are still waiting for the “final signature” from the electrical company for Phase 1! PRAY that BOTH phases will be complete!!! 

(With a goal to move to the new property in early April, electricity is a MUST! We’ve also postponed our monthly loan payments, thanks to a gracious, Christian lender, in order to payoff phase 2 of the electrical installation. PRAY for God’s provision above and beyond our need & expectation – He is faithful!!!)

​​ The RO4Y Family before our weekly worship.

4. PRAISE for God’s faithfulness and protection over our staff & community here at the Ranch! The North-American staff had a great time of worship & fellowship at our annual missionary conference. 

The Honduran Fellowship Retreat Photo: 
Can you find the Beards? Lucinda?

We have definitely sensed and felt your prayers since our last update. We meet weekly to: study scripture, pray and worship; prepare for ministry outreach and activities and meet one-on-one with one member of the staff. (Your vigilance is requested as Satan’s attacks are still evident as Tabitha recently witnessed some demonic activity in the wee hours of the morning.  Praise for Jesus’ blood to cover and protect us!)

The RO4Y ladies throw a birthday bash for 9-year-old Lissye!
5. PRAY for two potential RO4Y staff. 

I’ve mentioned Sarah Jones. She visited the Ranch in January and is planning to return for a 3-month “internship” starting in mid-May. 

We’ve also met a young woman at our recent missionary conference who seems to be a direct answer to our prayer for someone to assist Marillyn and focus primarily on the animals. Melody is trained as a veterinarian “nurse”, specializes in goats and has years of experience with horses from service at camps in the US! She is currently teaching English at a bi-lingual school in Northern Honduras! She is planning to visit in June, but we are very excited to introduce her to the Ranch and our Honduran staff! God is faithful!!!

6. Continue to PRAY for our weekly outreaches:

Filipenses FC U-12's "Most Faithful Twelve"
We wrapped up the U-12 soccer season with a great awards luncheon and started a new championship for the U-15 team. PRAY for God to use Oscar’s Bible teaching to see these young men come to know Christ and live for Him on and off the field.

Oscar prays with the U-15 young men before their game.
So far, we're 1 win, 1 tie and 1 loss.

Our young adult Bible study or “youth group” continues to press forward as we’ve been studying leadership. A few of the youth are involved in other areas of the Ranch. Our goal is to give them ministry opportunities and counsel them along the way. 

​Lesley's grandma's funeral procession.
(PRAY specifically for Lesley as she lost her grandma this last week. She was 74.) Lucinda and Ilsy have also been a huge help will Jon has been focusing on work at the new property!

A photo of our sales table at the HFMM retreat.
Trade school continues to grow! We have five NEW students!!! We were blessed with the opportunity to sell at our recent missionary retreat and are planning to sell the students work again at a local restaurant near Ojojona over Semana Santa. PRAY for good sales and open hearts to the scriptures as Jon teaches through Bible studies on stewardship and Ilsy leads devotionals. PRAY also for Marillyn to help complete the school's Etsy store!

Ilsy shares with the girls.
Our girl’s Bible study continues to be a blessing! PRAY for Ilsy as she teaches through the Word with the “readers” elementary class and sisters, Dunia & Keyla, teach the “non-readers” class.

Dunia & Keyla teach the younger girls.

7. Continue to PRAY for the finalization/confirmation of our US 501c3 here in Honduras. Once recognized we can begin the process to ask to have the van imported “tax free”. (I know I sound like a broken record here, but we truly need the Lord’s intervention & your faithful persistence in prayer.)

Mare cleans up the wood & Ilsy cuts in with some sealer.
Poco a poco!

8. PRAISE: Marillyn’s father, Wayne Goranson, continues to recover from his accident at the new property back in December. Continue to pray for strength for mind, body & spirit for Wayne and his wife, Brooke.

 Mare checks out the threshold transition of broken tile.

9. PRAISE for your faithful prayer support!!! We are blessed to partner with you and are excited for the future of the Ranch at the new location.

Tobi, the artist.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 - February Photo & Prayer Review

Hello Friends,

God's faithfulness, despite the ups & downs of life and ministry is truly incredible... and humbling, to say the least. 

We've wrapped up a great season of ministry during the Honduran school vacations (December & January) and are gearing up for changes in the ministry because of public school classes beginning again. Mainly, we shift up our schedule to work with the kid's when not in school.

Join us in prayer for the following areas:

Dark-thirty AM on Friday, February 6th.

1. Oscar & I, Jon, depart for El Salvador, Friday February 6th. We are renewing our 90 day permission on the van. We are preparing for a 3 day stay in El Salvador, but are hopeful for a smooth, one day affair as we experienced back in November! PRAY for our travels and favor with the authorities and customs agents in both Honduras & El Salvador!

UPDATE: We were denied both an extension and a new permit. So, we hope to import the van with the help of our non-profit status. This paperwork is under process now, but could be another 6 month waiting period! There are other quicker and more costly means to import the van, but funds are "tight" because of all the work on the new property. PRAY for a miracle!

2. Continue to PRAY for the finalization of the recognition of our non-profit status from the US, here in Honduras. Once recognized, we can import the van, prayerfully, tax free!!!

Marillyn was given the opportunity to visit her parents for a few days in the States
and a friend caught her father's first embrace on film.
3. Continue to PRAY for Marillyn's parents. Wayne sustained a fractured leg and ankle in a freak accident while helping us complete the house on the new property in December. He is home in Iowa and his recovery is very slow. He is being cared for by Marillyn's mother, Brooke. It is both a physically and emotionally draining experience for her. The most demanding thing she's ever done! (That's saying a lot!)

Looking north from the new property. Just left of center, near the neighbor's roof in the distance, at the edge of our property stands the final electrical pole with our private transformer.
4. PRAISE for the completed installation of the primary electrical line and transformer to the new property!!! We are waiting confirmation from the electrical company that all was installed properly, so continue to PRAY for final approval!

Hola, transformador de Rancho Oasis!
We are also awaiting the estimate for the electrical work to be brought from the transformer located at the edge of the property up to the houses! PRAY for God's provision. We have some small, work teams lined up to complete the work at the property in three weeks and are hoping to have electricity in the houses by then!

UPDATE: The estimated cost of the remaining electrical is ~$4,000.

5. PRAY for our staff. We recognize that Satan often increases his attacks at the close of a great time of ministry (in our case, the end of school vacations) and during the transition of a ministry (start of school and preparation to move to the new property). Needless to say, the spiritual warfare has increased, but our weekly meetings, Bible Study and monthly one-on-one meetings have helped "nip these attacks in the bud".

This month the English speaking staff, The Beards & Lucinda, will be attending a annual missionary retreat. PRAY for a time of refreshment and connection with the Lord and other missionaries here in Honduras. Also, PRAY for the Lord's protection over both properties and for our Honduran staff, Oscar & Ilsy, while they have a lighter ministry week.

Here, Sarah, introduces a new game to the girl's Bible study:
they're making an "elefante"!

6. PRAISE: Our visit with potential RO4Y staff, Sarah Jones was great. She fit right into the mix of ministry here at the Ranch and could make a great addition to the team and the increase of God's Kingdom in this community.

PRAY for Sarah as she seeks God's direction and timing to serve with us at the Ranch. We gave her an open door to serve with us and are hopeful for her collaboration in the Gospel this Spring!

Cristina "cuts in" around the living room window.
The youth group Bible study has donated some time to help finish painting the house!
What a huge blessing!
7. PRAY for the completion of our home and preparation for our move to the new property. We have a few small teams lined up and are hoping to have the new property ready for us in mid-March!

8. Continue to PRAY for our weekly outreaches:

Oscar prays with the boys before the second semi-final game: we needed a miracle!
We lost the two games with a combined score of 5 - 2.
The U-12 boys soccer team finished in second place, but lost the semi-final matches. We are having our Appreciation Luncheon on February 21. We hope to restart the U-14 team with a weekend tournament despite weekday classes.

Who knew the Bible, popcorn and pajamas were a great recipe for fun???

The Girl's Bible study finished vacations with a bang! The first ever RO4Y Pajama Party. Though exhausted, Ilsy and Duna had a blast! To help accommodate the girls' school schedules, we might be having two Bible studies: AM & PM.

Keyla takes the trade school written exam covering work ethic philosophy and color combination theory. All students were required to take and pass the exam to continue with the school!
The trade school has been redefined and we are prepping the students to be more professional in the work with a signed contract to the school and godliness in their attitudes with a study on Biblical Stewardship. We are planning to sell some of their artisan crafts at the upcoming missionary retreat.

In all things, PRAY for the salvation of all the youth & children!!!

9. PRAISE for our support team and ministry collaborators!!

Weekend fun with the Beard kids: cardboard box-boat races!