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The Ranch's U15 Soccer Team, Filipenses, prayer before their match.

As we pioneer this new work, our need is to create a solid support team that covers both our physical and spiritual needsPlease prayerfully consider supporting us and Rancho Oasis for Youth.

Financial Support:

Option 1:
You can send your financial gift by clicking on the "Donate" button located on the right sidebar and give securely through PayPal.

Option 2:
You can send your financial gift directly to Rancho Oasis for Youth's Stateside office:

Rancho Oasis for Youth

2520 W Brookhart Way
Phoenix, AZ 85085

[NOTE: Checks are written out to Rancho Oasis for Youth or RO4Y. The Ranch received non-profit status in February 2011. Praise the Lord!]

Every amount truly helps!  Your monthly support is greatly appreciated no matter how big or small.  Currently our total monthly expenses is approximately $4,000 and below are some of the expenses.  Would you prayerfully consider committing to one of these?

$50 pays for propane for our cook stove.
$180 keeps the lights on.
$100 covers cell phones and internet.
$350 keeps the animals fed.
$350 keeps the van running to pick up students.
$1000 pays our land loan.
$800 blesses our Honduran staff (We desire to raise wages, too.)
$800 our personal food and misc. family expenses.
We hope to raise & save $500 extra per month for annual furlough.

We are also welcoming donations to pay off the loan for the property. 
Please contact us for more information:

Spiritual Support:

One can also join our support team as a prayer warrior

Send me an e-mail to join our e-mail update list and receive the latest prayer needs:


We can do all things through Christ! Your sweet scented prayers are what keeps us strong, your heart-warming encouragement is what keeps us looking to Jesus, and your commitment to stand with us will help us persevere.

This blog is set up for you to know what is happening and how you can pray for us. You can leave comments and prayers on any of the posts. We promise to read them and do our best to respond. We also have a link for prayer requests, please click "Prayer Needs" here or above.

Thank you so very much...or as we say here... ¡Muchisimas gracias!

(Updated December 2021)