Friday, June 18, 2010

Bigger Than Texas!!!

This week some short term, but BIG LOVE & SUPPORT
came from the "Consuming Fire" Youth Group
of Calvary Chapel Plano!

After tropical storm Agatha, and a whole lot of rain, we decided to reconstruct the front drive of the property. All the rain, mud and heavy trucks bringing supplies for the construction of our home, really tore it up bad.

Collecting rock for the drive.
God provided the rock from some neighbors (one not so generous at first - can anyone say "machete"?) God was faithful to soften hearts and help the Beards get to know their neighbors.

Trench digging and rock filling

Pouring Concrete - Honduran style

The group worked
to the max from Monday to Thursday lunch and finished the drive! God was faithful to provide the materials, the wisdom to do the job, help from our Honduran construction crew and NO RAIN the whole day that concrete was poured. AMEN!!!
(See group photo for a glimpse of finished drive. Pastor Guy thought of the "R" and "O" at the start of the drive)

When not working time was spent studying God's word, worshiping and eating!

Karina and Dora: Mare's Tegucigalpa cooking crew

Muchisimas gracias "Consuming Fire" for the new driveway and other miscellaneous projects completed during your stay!

  1. Continue to pray for the "Consuming Fire" youth and leaders as they are here in Honduras for another week. Pray for health, safety and the Lord to speak His direction and will into the lives of these young people!
  2. Continue to pray for our grounds keeper's salvation and health. His name is Jose Luciano. (He missed 3 days of work this week not feeling well).
  3. Continue to pray for God's provision for the materials and labor on our home.
  4. Pray for wisdom as we begin to pursue residency in Honduras. The most recent advise I have received is, unlike Costa Rica, is to NOT wait for the baby to be born, but to start the process now.
  5. Our dog, Daisy, is recovery well from her surgery and should be getting her stitches out tomorrow. Pray for complete healing!
  6. Marillyn and I celebrate 7 years of marriage Monday, June 21st! Continue to pray for us and our walk with the Lord!!!
  7. Continue to pray for the kids and families that attend Sunday service and the weekly events at RO4Y. Pray for their salvation, our ability to communicate clearly and God to raise up helpers from Ojojona.

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