Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 15th Prayer Needs

1. Re-adjusting to living with Marillyn’s parents. We’ve been alone since mid-January. We look forward to Wayne and Brooke’s return, but life will be different. No doubt that Naomi will be glad to have “Nina” and “Papi” back!

2. Strength for our marriage: Between Jon’s new job and the girls, we have very little time for each other.

3. Strength for our spiritual growth: We left our English speaking Christian community in Jacó and it hasn’t been the same in San Ramón. There are many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ here, but Spanish is not our first language and it affects the depth of our fellowship and understanding of church services.

4. Perseverance for Jon with teaching: The first month has come and gone and the “honeymoon” is over. Jon loves his class time and has plenty of opportunities to instruct in the areas of self-control and responsibility, as well as English. However, the workload of preparing outside of class is a lot. Pray that Jon finds a balance.

5. Land for RO4Y: Today we looked at a 17 acre property that would be perfect for the ranch. In a terrain that is extremely mountainous, this was flat and had a beautiful view of the ocean. The property has several areas that would be great for working with horses and turning them out. There are two partially built homes and two relatively good gravel roads that lead to and onto the property. The property was in an area called Quebradillas about 12 miles (30 minutes) outside of San Ramón. The owner, a lawyer living in San José, is asking $500,000. Though ideal land, this seems a little pricey. However, like we always say, “Where God guides, He provides.” There are many more properties in the area that we plan on looking at in the next several weeks.
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6. Jon has three weeks off in July. We would like to plan a trip back to the United States to visit friends and family. Pray that God provides!


Wayne Goranson said...

Very cool! Glad to see you all got the blog up and running more effectively.
We love you guys!
Wayne & Brooke

Daddio & Mommo

Papi & Nina

Anonymous said...

Site looks great. Glad to hear all is well.

Along side, Shawn Frasher