Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 - October Photo N Prayer Review

Melody trains with Nyssa in the round pen!
The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together for the Ranch's equestrian outreach ministry:
Horses - check!
Barn - check!
Riding ring - check!
Round pen - check!
Someone to assist Marillyn and head-up the program - check!
Equestrian Program - In Development & Practice!!!


Melody teaches the girls' Bible study one of her favorite games:
"Go Ninja Go!"
With Melody's direction & input, we are excited to make some new changes with the girl's Bible study on Fridays. Melody will be transitioning into leading the girl's into a simple equestrian program that includes Bible teaching. 

PRAY for us as we begin this new and "long-time coming" adventure and that God will use the animals for His glory.

PRAY also that God will direct us to find a few more horses before the year's end. Melody is touching base with some local horse stables as we search for some older, experienced and "kid proof" horses!

With the Honduran school calendar coming to an end in November, we will also be duplicating the Friday afternoon study in the morning with the local boys! Exciting times! 
PRAY that God will capture these boys' hearts!

Oscar continues to teach the soccer team through the book of John:
a great source of discipleship and evangelism.
PRAY for these young men (ages 13-25) to know & serve Christ. The raining season is coming to an end and we are planning to participate in a nice, long tournament in Ojojona. 

PRAY that God would draw the right boys to the team and for wisdom for Oscar and I as we lead them. Before the season starts we are coordinating some local and travel friendly games, as we now have the flexibility with the 15-passenger van! PTL!

For those of you who know Nelson Omar, aka "Machi", he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child any day. PRAY for a good delivery - Saleni has some hip issues, so they are planning on a Cesarean. Machi has played with us for many years and now works alongside Oscar at the Ranch. They have also expressed an interest in some marital counseling!

PRAY also for the boys team (ages 8-12), as we will be starting up this month because the Honduran school system will be on break for half of November, December and January. 

PRAY that we can reunite the boys and have a great tournament, as well! We will begin to meet with them twice a week when there are no classes.

Yenny opens her new savings account at the local co-op!
She is one of five new students in the Trade School this year!
The students in our trade school were blessed with the sales from our mini-furlough in August and are hoping for increased sales on our website as we approach Christmas! 

PRAY for the sales to be an encouragement & blessing to these young people. 

Also PRAY that the Lord will open up some doors for local sales over the next few months - we are looking into a few options.

RO4Y Adult Bible study - an inductive study through Colossians!
PRAY for God to change lives in this study;
all Ranch workers, minus our night guards, are in attendence! PTL!

Such a blessing to have the ministry van legal and usable!!!
(Our first girl's Bible study of the season.)

Zoeva wants to move into our staff house project: Casa de Apoyo!
Recent expenses importing the van and finalizing the non-profit status of the Ranch left us with nothing in the account for construction. (Not to mention our pending eight month electrical bill... still working with the electric company to get in the system!) 

PRAISE the Lord our day-to-day is covered, but our hope to finish "Casa de Apoyo" in January 2017 is being threatened. 

PRAY for God's provision and timing to finish this important project. Lucinda and Melody are anxious to get into their new digs and Marillyn is ready to convert their room into the trade school workshop studio! (We also have some potential interns and new staff coming next summer!!!) 

"Que Rico!!!"
RO4Y team lunch: Monday - Fridays!

The Beard kids have art class with Marillyn:
making piƱatas!

Feliz CumpleaƱos, Poema!
This newly celebrated 4-year-old struggled blowing out her final candle!
Hahaha! Too cute!

Honduras is not known for it's efficiency... case in point!
The Ranch's non-profit status is near completion. Just a "few more steps"!
PRAY for God's provision as this "non-profit" adventure continues to rack up expenses/fees!

Also, PRAY for us as we transition into more administrative responsibilities that the Honduran government requires of NGO's. Most of this will fall on Jon!
(Any admin-missionaries out there interested in the Ranch???)

Baby "Cinco" is on his/her way!
Due date is December 5th: PRAY for a great birth & a healthy baby!

Guess who's back?
This dog is a mystery! After 18 days of "adventure" he returned to the Ranch, kinda. 
"Wanderlust" is a major issue in this Great Pyrenees / Great Dane mix. He comes and he goes... as I'm writing this post we've haven't seen him for two days. PRAY that God would rewire his little brain!

Not all are a success story... a trade school student quits the school.
A "tough love" philosophy of ministry at the Ranch builds character and godliness, but not all respond positively to correction. PRAY for all the youth to have a soft heart to learn from God's Word and put it into practice. PRAY for us to received them back graciously when/if they return.

Long-time friends and supporters, Laurie and her daughter, Karina,
overlook Tegucigalpa from Parque Picacho with Tabitha and Naomi.

October Missionary Fall Fest
A great gathering for food, fellowship & goofiness!

What a joy for our "kids", big and small, to have some fun with local members
of the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Missions.

"Kiddin' around"
Two of four new baby goats!

"You know when you're a MK when..."
Power outages don't even phase you.

Big sister Poema preps for the upcoming birth!

Beard Family "Seven" Photo!
Thanks to a fellow missionary for her great work:

"Share The Road"
Always an adventures mountain biking in Honduras.

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