Monday, November 28, 2016

Giving Tuesday 2016

Tuesday, November 29th is known as Giving Tuesday.

It is a day set aside to intentionally offer a financial gift to a ministry or missionary that you believe to be fulfilling the great commission to make disciples and bring the love & hope of Christ to the poor in spirit.

Rancho Oasis for Youth, in the mountains of Honduras, was founded to reach impoverished youth with the Gospel and through practical skills offer them a way out of the cycle of poverty.

RO4Y is at a point where our ability to reach even more of these young people and their families requires more hands and feet. We have many interested in coming to help, but there is nowhere for them to live... yet!

This past summer we began construction on our new staff house, Casa De Apoyo, which means Support House! 

We have completed the walls and the roof and then, due to extenuating circumstances, the funds to finish the rest of the building had to be used elsewhere. 

Our prayer and hope is that God would restore these funds so, that by Spring of 2017, we could complete Casa De Apoyo and fill it with missionaries and teams desiring to reach the youth with the love of Christ.

Our goal is to raise $6000 which will complete the building and furnish the rooms!! 

Perhaps God will move on your heart to give your gift to RO4Y.

You can give on PayPal
Find donation button on the sidebar --->>>

Thank you for considering Rancho Oasis for Youth.

 God bless you as you give to bless others.

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