Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 - April Photo N Prayer Review

"Handsome Helpers" moving crew!

Saludos Amigos!

The last month has seemed like one of my bike rides: several slow, long climbs with a number of obstacles in the path mixed with multiple “can’t squeeze the brakes too hard or I’ll flip” downhill runs! The effort is always exhausting, but the thrill and view is always worth it!

Please enjoy the photos & lift us up in prayer as we continue to serve Jesus here at the Ranch!

PRAISE: We have moved... mostly!!!

The move to the new property was crazy, but the amount of help that we received was beautiful! We hired some local help with an old delivery truck from Lowe's and also got help from a handful of friends from Tegus. With six vehicles and multiple trips between the properties we had a full day!

PRAY as we wrap up life at the "old" Ranch and transition into the "new" Ranch!

Where's Marillyn???

The new property is awesome (PRAISE),
but there is so much left to be finished!

For example, huge kitchen, but no running water in the new house!
Ample room, but no shelving, yet!
Inside bathrooms, but no compost toilets built. (Bucket anyone?)
Electricity to both buildings, even when hooked up to the generator, but the "widow maker" (electric shower head) isn't working.
No need for a well, but inconsistent water pressure to ministry house.

Dave & Marsha Beard, the handy-couple retirees!

PRAISE for the HUGE help from Jon's parents, Dave and Marsha Beard. They did a little bit of everything in our preparation to move, moving day and the days that followed. Muchisimas gracias!!!

The new kitchen sink duels as a bathtub for the kids!

PRAY for a lot of logistical details to be resolved at the Ranch:
final approval from the electrical company on our project,
authorization/recognition of our US non-profit status in Honduras,
and the tax-free importation of our 15-passenger van!

The kids "entertain" Lucinda with a Rancho Oasis circus performance.

PRAY for continued unity, joy and love for the Beard family and their ministry partners (Lucinda, Ilsy, Lissye, Oscar, Dunia, Keyla, Kelvin, Anastacio and Jose Felix). There are a lot of changes/challenges mixed with several blessings at the new property. So much is temporary as we wrap up several details and projects. This has been a great experiment on community as we re-learn to live together in new spaces.

Lucinda celebrates another birthday with us at the Ranch!

PRAY for the large number of short-term missions teams coming this summer. Beginning in May we have a few small groups (Marillyn's father) and one of the Ranch's board members is arriving for the first time to Honduras with the missions pastor from his church! We are hopeful to partner with this Seattle suburban church in the near future. In June, we have two of our large "regulars" arriving, as well as some long-time friends coming for an entire month. Rounding out the summer with another large team in July! PRAY for Jon & Marillyn to have wisdom in organizing the projects for the teams and that God will speak into the missionaries lives! Also, PRAY for potential staff, Sarah Jones, as she postponed her internship with us. She is seeking God's confirmation if RO4Y is for her.

The U-15 boys team has grown in skill and self-control. With a new sense of focus & fun, we are on a winning streak: 5-1-2. A win in our final game will ensure us a birth in the playoffs! (This is a huge feat because we started half-way through the tournament; meaning, the other teams have played twice as many games!)

We took a three week hiatus from outreach while we prepped the property, but have once again begun:

1st Young Adult Bible study at the new property!

Before the first trade school class, Ilsy and Mare took the students to the highest peak and prayed over the property. The students now walk or take a bus to the new property and all are still faithful. Plus, there are four new young women in the class.

First Friday afternoon girl's Bible study in the ministry house!

The Beard kids sit on the rock wall dividing the new property from the forest. The night before Jon fought a fire that nearly entered the new Ranch! (Bet ya didn't know "forest ranger" was on the missionary required list!)

This pine tree still burned the next day after the underbrush fire burned out!

PRAY for Jon, our foreman, Jose de la Paz and Oscar to have wisdom and strength in completing a variety of projects. Also, PRAY for the two week visit of Marillyn's father, Wayne Goranson, to be a huge blessing. He arrives May 11th! 

Beginning work on the outside patio for the covered laundry drying area.

The new Rancho Oasis "throne room", literally!
Some plumbing complications lead to this new elevation.

The Bi-lingual Avengers, coming to a theater near you!
We picked these outfits up at another missionary's rummage sale!

Ojojona has three seasons:
"Dust & Cold", "Dust & Hot" and "Mud".
Any guesses what season just started?

Thank you for your continual words of encouragement & prayer covering!

Our first ride together!

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