Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 - Weeks 3 - 7 Photo 'n Prayer Review


Lu reads to the little boys and Oscar converses with the older boys.

Growth in the boy's Bible study lead us to divide the group into two new age groups: 5 - 7 and 8 - 12. We also added many new missionary biographies and children's Bible story books to the Ranch's library. After our traditional time in God's Word, we would read from these books to give the boys a bigger sense of God's world.

Once a month Tegus shopping in Pricesmart with Tobias.
Pricesmart is similar to Costco or Sam's Club.

Off-week "friendly" soccer game with a children's home in San Buenaventura.
Oscar gives the boys instruction before the game begins.

"La Barra" or fan club for Filipenses F.C.
Ilsy sits with Tania and Kenya, two older sisters of one of the soccer boys.


Lamplight Serenade for Poema


Teen Bible study reading through Luke.
We committed to read through the New Testament in a year.

Papi's speciality: Oatmeal Pancakes!
Naomi and Tabitha spend some extra time with their grandpa, Wayne Goranson.


Oscar leads the half-time Bible study during the viewing of Honduras' first
victory of the 2014 world cup elimination rounds: Honduras 2 - USA 1.

Shaking hands before the first of two soccer tournament semi-final games.
We won the series 6 - 5 in penalty shoot out!
I was so into the shoot out that I forgot to take pictures!

Our Dry Composting Latrine community informational meeting.
Jon was sharing this hygienic solution with families that had old or run down latrines.


Oscar shares his heart during the first trade school public meeting.
We were overwhelmed by the interest from the young people in the community.


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