Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Off with His Beard! It's Independence Day!

Jon's 7th Grade English Class

From Left to Right - seated:Maria Jose, Daniela, Andrea; standing: Nazaret, Esteban, Fiorella, Eduard, Marisol, Andres, Paula, Johan, Andres R, Susana, Sofia, Tatiana.

Looking to give his class a little extra motivation to pass their exams, Jon promised that he would shave his beard off if the entire class passed their exam. Well, I think the pictures describe the end result. (Seemingly unexplainable, Jon has also decided to return to school next year to teach German).

Club de Ninos:
Egg Relays and 3-Legged Races

The gang had a great time during Club de Ninos.

After playing games we covered Romans 10:9-10:
If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.

Jon enlarged a wordless tract from Living Waters Publications to help illustrate the gospel message. Front page pictured on the left.

We followed Club with a B-B-Q!
We hope to reach out to both the kids and their families by doing a monthly B-B-Q.

from feft to right: standing - Natalie, sitting - Maria Jose, Dilyn, unknown, unknown, Rebecca

from left to right: standing - Gily, Mare, Naomi, Brooke, Linda; sitting - Victor, Kaybell, Josh, Jason, Anderson

15 de Setiembre - Dia de Independencia

Carried all the way from Guatemala,
"El Fuego de Libertad" arrives in San Ramon,
Tuesday, September 14th.
Jon prepares to run the torch with a handful of his students.

September 15th: the main drag in San Ramon
prepares for the upcoming parade! Viva Costa Rica!

Marillyn and her deaf Tica friend, Alejandra,
prepare for the parade.
Naomi sits with Ale's kids Wanda and Aaron.

Los Desfiles de bandas; Dayana
(a young woman who comes to club de ninos)
attends the parades in traditional Costa Rican dress
with her father and sister, Erica Naomi.

Please continue to pray for:
  • Rancho Oasis for Youth / Club de Ninos
  • Jon's classes at Colegio Bilingue San Ramon and desire to start private lessons
  • Land for RO4Y
  • Jon and Mare's Marriage and family time
  • Finances for Missions conference in January
  • pray for all the kids mentioned by name in this post!
Naomi swinging in the front yard.


Frank said...

Oh man...dude don't tell me you kept that little mustache. That's not right. You're in Costa Rica, not Germany. Poor Mare, she probebly think's it's awful.

The Beards: said...

The Hitler "stache" was removed shortly after I arrived home. Nonetheless, it still wasn't fast enough for Mare!

Austin Hunter said...

Good reading yourr post