Monday, April 20, 2009

First Horse Rescue

We have a possibility for our first horse rescue!

Remolino is a small paint quarter horse; he is well trained in the western style and good with kids. The current owners are trying to force him into a Spanish style of riding that is painful and very unnatural for any horse, but especially Remo because he is an older horse. Remo is being trained right here on our property and we are subjected to watching his hired trainer beat and mistreat him. We have approached the owners and they are realizing that perhaps Remo can't learn this style of riding, so they are considering letting us buy him.

If you recall, Remo is the same horse that struck Mare's hip when she first started working with him. He has changed a lot since that. Mare decided to back off and start from the beginning with him... giving him treats, talking to him and just spending time with him. Then, slowly, she started riding him again with Naomi in the front of the saddle. Now he has changed from an aggressive horse to a sweet horse with a streak of stubbornness. He truly shows his dislike towards the trainer, but shows appreciation towards Mare and Naomi.

How can Remolino be a vehicle, no pun intended, for ministry?

Well, Brooke was recently at the sand park with Naomi and got to speak with a young woman named Nancy. She is El Salvadorian and her husband is Costa Rican, however, until recently they have lived in Queens, New York in a Spanish speaking community. They have an adorable little six year old daughter named Jocelyn. In December, her husband decided to move them to San Ramon to live with his mother. Unfortunately, after three months he was unable to find work, so two weeks ago he returned to New York leaving behind a very lonely and scared wife and daughter. We would love to be able to offer friendship to them and use the horse with Jocelyn as a way to build trust. They are Catholic, of course, but our prayer is to share the hope of a relationship with Jesus as the way to ease their hurting hearts. Please pray for Nancy and Jocelyn, for salvation and peace.

How can you be involved?

This is an opportunity for you to get involved in helping to adopt the first Rancho Oasis horse! We are asking that you pray and see how the Lord might lead. The owners have told us that they will consider any offer from us as long as it is fair. Their trainer has suggested $1,600. We are considering and praying about $800. If you feel led to donate and help adopt Remolino please email us back and let us know how much you can give. Every little bit helps so don't think you have to give a huge amount!

As always, you can send donations to Heartland Christian Fellowship (see address below). Please make checks payable to HCF and note on the memo line "For Remolino".

We know that if it is God's will for us to have this horse that He will provide.

Thank you all for your prayers in this matter. We will let you know how it all turns out.

Just a reminder also to pray for the property. We are planning on speaking to the owners again this next week.


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