Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th Prayer Needs

1. It has been great to have Wayne and Brooke back from their support building trip in the States! They have been a super-help with the girls and have allowed Mare and I to have more time with each other. Continue to pray that we communicate in love with one-another; reality is, it takes something supernatural to live with people.

2. Marriage Report: Mare and I have been able to spend more time with each other reading the Word, praying and going on walks after school. Continue to pray that God strengthens our relationship!

3. Our devotional life has also been growing! I’ve been reading through the life of Christ and listening again to Francis Chan podcasts, while Mare is journaling through Isaiah and reading Jon Courson’s commentary. God is good! Continue to pray that we take Him up on His challenges!

We also have committed to study Hebrews together as a family Sunday mornings! Jon also desires to continue his involvement with our Tico friend’s church, Olivo Verde, and the youth group.

4. Jon’s new schedule is much better with school! God has already made up the difference with the loss in salary by adding a new church to our monthly support team!

Please pray specifically (attitude & behavior) for some of Jon’s students:
Edward, Paula, Sofia, Maria Jose and Jessica (7th grade);
Chang-Yu, Samantha, Luis Carlos, Monica, and Edelman (8th grade);
Juan Jose and Diego (9th grade);
Karina and Marcos (10th grade)

5. Property potential: We haven’t yet met up with the owners. Please pray that God softens their hearts and makes clear the direction we should follow.

6. Jon has three weeks off in July. We would like to plan a trip back to the United States to visit friends and family. Pray that God provides! (We had money set aside, but spent almost all of it on my self-employment taxes from ’08. Thankfully, we had the funds to pay that off!)

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