Saturday, November 10, 2018

October '18 Review: RE-ENTRY IN PRAYERS

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Friend & watch "Marillyn Iola Beard" on Facebook Sunday, November 11th @ 2PM (MST)

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to ORDER your Christmas Trees TODAY!!!

PRAISE we had great sales @ a local craft fair the first week in November. PRAY for our second attempt later this month!

Family Hike @ Bear Trap Ranch

PRAISE: Marillyn had a break through week at the women's retreat! Naomi also grew in Christ and friendship with other young people.

     Marillyn writes, “The theme for the Women’s Retreat was ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.’ It was exactly what I need to be reminded of as we transition back into living in the states. I was Reminded that He is the Provider and he got us this far and will continue to direct my path if I let Him. I went to the retreat broken and confused, but left renewed and strengthened.”

PRAY for our family's continued re-entry & transition to the US. Here is a great read to give more understanding of our experience: "Coming Back from Narnia: What Re-Entry Feels Like."

Stateside fellowship with Gracie: a dear missionary friend from Honduras.

PRAISE: Jon & Marillyn will be attending their first ever marriage retreat / intensive in December with Quiet Water Ministries. PRAY the 15 hours of counseling over five days will help heal marital wounds & give clear direction for the future. (Donations welcome to cover this new expense.)

Pumpkins + Paint = Fall Art

PRAISE God for our counselors, Penny & Kevin, as they work with the Beard family. At Penny's request, Naomi & Tobias have stopped working with her thus allowing more time for Tabitha, Poema & Marillyn. PRAY for more break through, healing & freedom.

Your Newest Pastry Delivery Boy

PRAISE for Jon's new part-time job - delivering pastries for a fundraising business located in Castle Rock (about 40 minutes north of The Springs). PRAY for continued direction & wisdom for work & ministry for 2019. (Our supporters have committed to give through 2018. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!!!)

Tobias & "The Champions" wrapped up their flag football season.

PRAISE: After a two month plus wait, Marillyn has been approved & scheduled for a new hearing aid with Miracle Ear. (Her current and “ancient” device is being held together by glue and tape!) PRAY that the aid is powerful enough for her hearing loss!

Feliz Cumplea├▒os, Poema!!! (#4 = VI)

PRAISE for the Beard children's schooling, especially with Tobias and Poema. PRAY for Marillyn, Wayne & Brooke as they focus on teaching.

We skipped Fall for a few weeks in The Springs!

PRAY for Marillyn’s Young Living side-business: (Contact Marillyn @ for more info on natural products & essential oils.)

Skate City Half-Price Night with Friends from Church

PRAISE for the opportunity to serve @ our local church, Calvary Chapel True North. Jon is leading worship again, especially necessary as the leader, Brooke Goranson, is having knee surgery on November 15th. Both Naomi & Tabitha are helping in childcare on Sunday mornings, too! PRAY for the leadership & the fellowship as they are going through revitalizing changes!

Mr. "Moo-Juice" & the Joy of Weaning

PRAISE for our two vehicles. PRAY for a buyer for our donated 2005 mini-van & a four-door truck with comparable price and good mileage!

PRAISE for God's provision & direction with all the logistics of leaving Honduras and closing down RO4Y. PRAY for a buyer for the property!

Colossians 3:1-17

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