Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 - May/June Photo N Prayer Review

Yep! "Cinco" is on his/her way!!!
PRAY for the Beard family with their unexpected/unplanned blessing. The kids are done with school for the season and Mom & dad are loving it/going crazy!

Newest Ranch Staff Melody Cary works with Tobias on cleaning tac.
PRAY for Melody as she transitions into life at RO4Y.
She has spent the last 3+ years teaching at an English bi-lingual school in the northern part of Honduras. She has years of equestrian experience and will be a valuable addition to the Ranch combining horse therapy, evangelism and discipleship.

Gracias Calvary Community Church from Sumner, Washington!

Building & setting roof trusses and installing the roof panels.

PRAISE: We had a short, but good week with our first time visitors from the north-west. PRAISE that Wayne Goranson, Marillyn's father, was available and ran the construction crew while Jon focused on the missionary mechanic and our car repair.

PRAY for our next team of twelve arriving on July 17th from suburban San Diego. The team will finish the work on the workshop/warehouse, be involved with the Ranch's regular weekly outreach, as well as a special staff Bible study - one for the ladies and one for the guys!

After SIX MONTHS of waiting, the Beard family has wheels!!! PTL!!!

Our Honduran mechanic, Ivan, meets traveling missionary/all-things-mechanic/evangelist,
Kip Ramirez, with the new transmission at their feet.
PRAISE the Lord for Kip and his wife Melisa!
PRAISE the Lord that the transmission was paid for & shipped to Honduras and arrived BEFORE Kip did! Quite a miracle! PRAY for Ivan as he made a commitment to Christ during the week.

The RO4Y guys meet for discipleship in the book of John.
Jon, Oscar and new ranch-hand Nelson (aka "Machi")

PRAY for the Rancho Oasis staff:
Lucinda has gone on furlough for the months of July & August.
Melody will depart in early August for a few months to raise a support team.
Ilsy has taken a month off from Ranch responsibilities to rest.
Lesly, Dunia and Keyla are working a bit more hours (that they wanted & needed) to make up for Ilsy's absence.
Oscar has weekends off now that Machi is assisting him.
And Jon and Marillyn have a short-furlough planned for August
Heads-up Freedom Fellowship, Wisconsin
Calvary Chapel Morgantown
and Calvary Community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!!!

Jose de la Paz and his crew have made massive progress on our ministry partner's house,
"Casa de Apoyo"

The guys add the first row of adobe bricks to the rock & mortar foundation!

PRAISE for God's miraculous provision!
PRAY we can get a roof on BEFORE the rains really hit in October!

Sisters, Keyla & Dunia, work on bags for the trade school sales from our Etsy store.
PRAY that God would increase awareness of the trade school and continue to provide for the students.

Yearly Baptism with our English speaking fellowship in Tegucigalpa: Union Church.
PRAISE for the friendships & ministry that we have @ Union.

Soccer guys devotional through the book of John.
PRAY for these young men to grow in Christ. PRAISE: We ended the season in 7th place of 8 teams, but were awarded the "Most Disciplined Team" award (aka - least amount of fouls!)

2nd Law of Missionary Dynamics: It's going to break, eventually!
PRAY for us as we endure a season of things breaking and getting fixed!
The Durango has been in the shop a few more times, the generator was surging but has been fixed (but not tested on our homes), our water pump has broke twice (praise we had just enough gravity to get water in the house), our tankless water heater has been out for several weeks (praise the company is sending us replacement parts for FREE!) and our State-side mini-van "died" and can only be scrapped (it was given to us last year and the repairs are more than it's value.)

The Ranch's UNused 15-passenger van. Urgh!!!!
PRAY for the van! We received a large donation that we want to use to import the van. (Many Honduran friends and missionaries said that the tax-free process was a long-shot.) However, the Honduran government agency LOST the car's documents; it is as if the van never came into Honduras! PRAY our lawyer and his team find a way to get us some Honduran plates! We could really use this vehicle!

First ever Beard family vacation since moving to Honduras in 2010!
PRAISE God for His provision to allow us to take a week vacation with Marillyn's parents, Wayne & Brooke Goranson. They now live in Costa Rica and they hosted us for the week. God is good!

Love you all, Support Team!

Thanks for your constant prayer, friendship & gifts!

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