Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 - Weeks 48 - 49 Photo 'n Prayer Review

Week 48

Naomi & Tabitha share their school work during a parent-student "show & tell"

PRAY for the girls as they continue to study
& Lucinda as she continues to teach every weekday morning.

RO4Y youth group & GAP year missionary students watch The Gospel of John film.
PRAY for these young adults to grow a passion for Christ & His Word.

Tabitha bottle feeds Princesa, the only female kid from the recent goat litter.

Naomi's grandfather, "Papi" Wayne Goranson,
teaches her how to work with shaping clay into jewelry.
PRAY for Wayne and Brooke Goranson's discipleship ministry:
"Go and Prosper"

You know it is windy when:
Your 200+ pound dog house takes flight and lands on its roof!

At soccer practice, U-12 player Cristian receives a pass from Alesandro.
PRAY for the soccer boys to grow in grace & truth.

Oscar takes the U-14 boys through the book of Proverbs.
PRAY for Oscar as he has taken the reigns of the soccer team.
(Jon has intentionally stepped back to let Oscar grow
and now functions more as team manager.)

Got lamb? Mare preps Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving 2013 with Marillyn's parents, Wayne & Brooke Goranson; GAP missionary students: Madison, Andrea and Eric; and RO4Y staff Lucinda, Ilsy and the Beard family!
PRAISE for the opportunity to share Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Lucinda and Tobias find some diversion
before the local elementary school graduation ceremony.

As volunteer English teacher, Lucinda was invited to participate in the village's elementary schooll graduation ceremony. She stands between school director,
Napoleon and teacher, Brenda.
PRAY for RO4Y's community involvement to be a blessing and an in-road to communicate the Gospel of Christ to the children and their families.

6th grade "Graduates". What awaits in their future?
High school? Trade School? Nothing?
PRAY for RO4Y as we learn how to navigate through Honduras' new law requiring students to complete their education through the 9th grade. (This was changed from 6th grade.) Our trade school, Taller CDP, found a nitch in the community to minister to this age group once they finished elementary school. Now they are required to continue their education. Yet, how many of them are actually planning to do so? Most don't have the resources or interest to continue. Interesting...

Week 48

Taller CDP cooking students Lesly, Tania, Keyla and Dunia work to make banana bread
to sell during the Ranch's quarterly rummage sale.
PRAY for these young women to gain skills in cooking
and to honor God in their work.

Lesly & Naomi: bonding and baking!

GAP student, Madison, and RO4Y staff, Ilsy, set up for the rummage sale!

To buy or not to buy? Village teens rummage through the sale items.

GAP co-director Brooke Goranson, with students Andrea, Eric and Madison.
PRAY for these students as they seek God's direction and trust in His provision to place them in various ministries over the next 3 to 6 months. (Andrea is planning to serve with us at the Ranch starting in January!)

Beard Family Nativity Projects:
remembering the birth of Christ advent-style

Introducing Honduras' latest foreign resident: Poema Alizay!!!
PRAISE Poema's residency process is 99.5% complete. 
We get her card in January!

Marillyn discusses the trade school craft student's work with Mario and his wife Ana Mari.
They own a souvenir shop inside the Tegus airport
and we are discussing a business agreement for the students!
PRAY for wisdom in how to continue to move forward with the Taller CDP trade school - spiritually and fiscally.

Monthly grocery shopping in Tegus... still waiting on the Durango!

Oscar's uncle and local mason, Jose de la Paz, marks out the Beard's new home
on the new property in Payaguagre, Ojojona.
PRAY for wisdom as we move forward with the work on the new property. Jon has been working with the local community group to advance the effort to bring electricity into the community. (He was named treasurer of the group!) God has been amazing in His timing. Our neighbor in Payaguagre is Jon's friend and coach of the opposing soccer team in Ojojona. His wife was just elected assistant major in Ojojona. Coincidence? I think not! PRAY for favor from the major.

Friday girl's Bible study with guests from Unashamed Missions.
PRAY for Ilsy, Lucinda, Marilyn (Oscar's wife), Marillyn Beard and Jon
as they instruct these girls in God's truth.

We studied many of God's promises based on His promise of a savior
through the baby messiah, Jesus!

Oscar reflects with the U-12 boys over their loss during a friendly, pre-tournament match.
PRAY for the soccer tournament. We have so many U-12 boys that we've formed two teams, along with our one U-14 team!

Honduran transportation at its best!
PRAISE that we have a new donated 15-passenger van
coming to the Ranch from the States very soon!!!

Those who fear the Lord are secure; he will be a refuge for their children.
Fear of the Lord is a life-giving fountain; it offers escape from the snares of death.Proverbs 14:26-27 (NLT)

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