Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 - Week 21 & 22 Photo Review

Gendersen & Cesar teaching me how to play marbles after guitar class.
It has been three weeks since my last photo review,
so I'm going to cover the month in two posts.

Life and ministry continues at the Ranch.
Please enjoy the photos and
 lift up the Beard family and our community in prayer.

Being tourists in Ojojona with Marillyn's parents, Wayne & Brooke Goranson
The Goransons wrapped up their family visit / missions trip at the Ranch June 1st. Besides helping with the demands of raising a family on the mission field, Wayne and Brooke focused on two "appropriate technology" projects that their new ministry, Water, Worship & the Word will produce in partnership with Rancho Oasis. The two initial projects are bio-sand water filters and energy efficient, minimal smoking "rocket stoves". Our desire is to meet the physical needs of members of our community and introduce them to a vibrant relationship with Jesus!

Fine tuning the filter mold at metal-smith's in Ojojona / Sifting sand in preparation for filter

Filling mold with cement for test run of filter / Attempting to separate mold from filter

Hand-made adobe brick "rocket stove" (different material than adobe block for homes)
PRAY for wisdom in creating and using the technology
as a tool for evangelism & discipleship. 

Early one morning our neighbor Rigoberto was calling from the gate. I was expecting to be asked for a favor, but was greeted by this "grass is greener on the other side" bovine! I'm sure this is going to make a great sermon illustration one day. (By the way, Oscar and I successfully released the vaca from her bad choice.) PRAY over the safety of our animals - no, this cow does not belong to us! LOL!

Ilsy and the Friday girl's Bible study showing off their Testimony Book:
Who I was before Jesus - Moment of Change - Who I am now in Jesus
Friday's study with the girls is a double blessing in the community. Not only are the girls receiving solid Biblical teaching, but Mare and I have been able to spend more time discipling Ilsy in the Word and giving her the opportunity use her teaching gifts to serve the girls. PRAY that the girls would understand their need for a savior and grow in grace and truth! PRAY for Ilsy's spiritual growth and maturity through the spiritual warfare associated with serving the Lord.

Rocking Out for Jesus: Melissa, Nexser, Genderson, Gerson and Cesar
PRAY for class every Tuesday afternoon.

Tobi enjoying a morning swing.

Soccer boy's post-victory tamale line up:
Winning isn't everything, but it sure helps with team morale!
PRAY for this outreach every Saturday morning;
tournament starts in June!

Learning John 3:16 in English at the local elementary school;
PRAY for this outreach every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Arcoiris over RO4Y

This young man, Cristian, works at the local hardware store.
He is deaf and has no language.
After working two years with the deaf in Mexico
and having a deaf spouse, I often wonder if RO4Y will have more opportunities
 to work with the deaf of Honduras. Keep it in PRAYER.

Leandro with his cousin plowing the field for planting;
While a youth pastor in the States I heard many "excuses" for not attending study;
however, I never heard "Sorry, Jon. I'm planting corn."
PRAY for understanding this very different culture.

Mare with Crisna and her younger cousin Mily;
One step closer to planting in her raised-bed garden.
PRAY for consistency & interest in the garden kids.

La vida de los perros: Daisy.

Sunday Afternoon Adult Bible Study: Oscar, Karla, Jeny and me.
Each of the adults shared what God has been showing them in His word,
as well as personal prayer requests. It has been rich to not only minister,
but to get to know these brothers and sisters.
PRAY for our outreach to the adults in the community
and our desire to support the parents of RO4Y kids.

Neighbors, Alejandra and her little sister Pamela, try out the tire swing.
They live with four other siblings and their mother.
Dad abandoned them a little over a year ago.
PRAY for their health physically and spiritually.

Mare & Ilsy staying dry in a typical afternoon rain shower.

Sunset on youthful passions: guitar and marbles.

"But be very careful to obey all the commands
and the instructions that Moses gave to you. 
Love the Lord your God, walk in all his ways, obey his commands,
hold firmly to him, and serve him with all your heart and all your soul.”
Joshua 22:5

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