Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stop & Pray: August 17th, 2011

Copa de Lodo

Pizza & Watermelon
All activities with the kids at Rancho Oasis came to a conclusion the final week of July. We had a few celebrations over the weekend for both the boy’s and girl's soccer teams, aptly named “The Mud Cup” and a Sunday school party with home-made, healthy pizza. Pray that the kids will continue to seek after Christ during our furlough in the States. Even though we return to Honduras in October, our plan is to begin activities in November. (This coincides with the summer school break in Honduras.) Thus, Rancho Oasis will be closed for 3 months. 

7 stitches below the knee

Praise that Pepe's machete injury is healing well. Continue to pray for his salvation, as well as the discipleship of all the children.

Final Day @ Rancho Oasis

Our friend and helper Gaby and her daughter Victoria headed back to Mexico, August 10th. We are so grateful for her friendship & service over the last few months. Pray that her time in ministry will continue well and that God will bless her in Mexico as she plans to live with her widower brother and help with his two kids. Carlos is deaf and is a pastor at Calvary Chapel Ensenada. Also, pray that God would raise up more bi-lingual staff to serve with us at RO4Y.

Ingles with Ilsy

Naomi's kindergarten teacher, Ilsy and daughter Lissy continued to live with us through the first week of August. She had been a huge help with chores around the house and Gaby had been able to disciple her a lot in Bible study. Continue to pray for her salvation and that God will provide a home for her and/or she will be able to raise her daughter without family interference. Ilsy and Lissy have moved back in with her mother, Rosa.

We were blessed with a few surprise short-term missions teams a few weeks ago. They completed a one day medical brigade and built a house for Oscar, our worker's mother. Praise the Lord! Read the full story here.

Installing Turn-out Fencing
New Wooden House!
Pray that God would continue to give us opportunities to minister to the physical and spiritual need of our new "squatter" neighbor, Marisela and her six kids. Praise the Lord that our friend’s ministry came and built them a new wooden home! The teens had been sleeping on the damp dirt floor and begin to well up with tears of joy when I told them Mark and his team were coming. The following week the two teen girls, Lorena and Laura, helped us on the ranch with installing a fence for a turn-out area; Oscar took the opportunity to witness to them. We were all blessed!

Pray for our worker Oscar and his family (wife, Marilyn & daughter, Genesis) as they watch over the Ranch during our furlough in the States: August 12th - October 18th. So far, I’ve received excellent reports about the animals, property and the family from our phone conversations while we are is the US.

Marillyn & Nyssa

Continue to pray for the health and safety of all our animals (Horses - Zoeva and Nyssa; Goats - Bugsy, Gigi, and BK; Dogs - Duke & Daisy; and numerous chickens - unnamed) LOL!


Fernando, our local “farm-intern,” and I completed our work together in July. Pray for spiritual growth in this teen’s life. Also, his mom, Lupe, is expecting her fifth child in September.

Beans, greens & herbs!

 Continue to pray for our outreach projects to better the life of the people in our community. Our first project is the raised bed gardens. Oscar and his family are going to reap the benefits of the first harvest, but we did get to enjoy some lettuce and sweet peas before we left.

Continue to pray for our pine tree. We applied "natural" pesticide, cut the bad limbs and are hopeful the tree will survive.

Praise the Lord our mastiff, Duke, is well. A visit to a vet in Tegus, some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds did the trick.

Kids with Jon's parents, David & Marsha, at the Zoo

Continue to pray for the Beard family and our marriage. We’ll have a lot of time on the road together as we travel the States. So far, we’ve had a wonderful time in the US. Not so much a vacation because we are running around, but it is nice to do something different. Also, both Naomi and Tabitha celebrate birthdays the first week of September – pray for a blessed time!

Praise the Lord for his provision of money for the tickets for our furlough this fall!!! Pray that God would bless us with times of refreshing, fellowship and increase the awareness and enlarge the support team for Rancho Oasis!!! We arrived August 12, depart October 18th! Review our four goals and see our tour dates by clicking this link.

Continue to pray for our residency application. Praise the Lord all the government fees are paid (for now); we owe less than half of the total lawyer’s fees ~$460. As of July 29th, all our paperwork was turned in. Pray that the file will be ready to go and nothing will be needed during our two month absence from Honduras.

Change in scenery on the drive to Rancho Oasis: 25 electric generating windmills in Santa Ana

Continue to pray for the completion of the construction of our personal home. We are working on phasing the work so mission teams can finish the project throughout 2012.

Continue to pray for the importation of the bus.

Continue to pray for the purchase of the property! We have agreed on the price of $18,500 and have to finalize the details in writing for the purchase agreement. The goal is that upon our return to Honduras we can sign the paperwork and make the “compra-venta” official!

Continue to pray for young Breisy's healing from leukemia. 

RO4Y Family May - August 2011

 Thank you, all!!!
We can't wait to see many of you!!!

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