Monday, July 4, 2011

Stop & Pray: July 4th, 2011

Girls Soccer Training - Bible Study in Titus
1. Wow! PRAISE God for our friend, Gaby! What a blessing to the Beard family, Rancho Oasis and the kids and mothers of Ojojona. God has used the Ranch to allow Gaby to heal from past hurts and broken relationships. Here is a quote from her most recent update:

Riding on the Ranch
And I can say that I finally found myself again, even better than before. Being away from everything that distracted me, and prevented me from focusing on God and myself, has allowed me to complete the path of healing I’d been on. No doubt when one is willing to change for their own sake and the sake of one’s children, anything is possible when you open your heart to God and let Him take care of EVERYTHING!

Now my life is back to normal; full of joy, hope, love and jokes (which is typical me), excited to see what God has for us later. Perhaps more time here [at RO4Y] or back in Ensenada with the deaf
community. Grateful if you could continue to pray for the needs of Rancho Oasis and of course of us.

Victoria loving her smoothie!
PRAY for Gaby as she ministers to the girls soccer team on Wednesdays, women’s Bible study on Thursdays and teaches the kids their Bible lessons on Sunday mornings. PRAY for motherly wisdom with her daughter, Victora. Also PRAY for God’s direction for Gaby as she returns to Mexico in August. We hope that she returns to Rancho Oasis in the fall!

Kinder fingerpainting
2. Naomi’s kindergarten teacher, Ilsy and her five-year-old daughter Lissy, have moved into our guest/staff house the month of June & July. We offered her the room because she had been living with her mother and adult siblings and had been having some conflicts. PRAY: that Ilsy, her mother Rosa and her sister Liset will work through their differences, that Ilsy has a place to live for August and that she finishes her year at the kindergarten.

Nina Brooke w/ Tobi
Wayne the builder
3. The Ranch was recently blessed with the return of Wayne & Brooke Goranson, Marillyn’s parents. This was their first visit to Rancho Oasis since moving back to the States Christmas day 2010. We were blessed with their fellowship, gifts and hard work put in during their stay! PRAISE the Lord for the time together and PRAY for their continued work with Rancho Oasis and Intensive Care Ministries.

Fernando the student worker
 4. Fourteen-year-old Fernando has started off a little rocky in our new discipleship program. We established a contract of completing his discipleship homework and arriving on time. So far, he’s got two strikes on both accounts and will lose his opportunity to work & learn at RO4Y if he fails to complete his homework or does not show up excused.  Fernando is spiritually very insecure, dabbling in rebellion in attitude & actions with his parents and going through some family trials as his mom is pregnant and “can’t afford” the baby. PRAY that Fernando would “grow up” and learn responsibility and that he would be sure that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Las Estrellas - shining bright
5. The boys soccer team continues to meet every Saturday. Our most recent game was an impressive 4 – 2 victory! PRAISE the Lord! We have begun studying through the book of Philippians and the tone is primarily evangelistic. A few of the boys have started coming to our Sunday Morning services. PRAY for the salvation of the boys and that I can be a big brother / father figure to many of them who lack discipline and a dad.

Los Jovenes

 6. Continue to pray for the teens attending the RO4Y bible study. They are Tania, Kevin and Lesli. Like many teens, they are establishing themselves as individuals and ride the fence when it comes to faith. PRAY that God would reveal Himself to them beyond just being religious and that the Holy Spirit would capture their hearts!

Breisy: Joyful & Innocent
7. We recently discovered that one of the Ranch’s favorite girls has leukemia. Breisy is 12 years old. Thankfully, I was able to fully share the gospel with her. PRAY for her salvation, her understanding and healing.

Torch Missions Team
Post hole diggin
8. Plans for work with a short-term team this July didn’t work out, but PRAISE for help from some friends & leaders of Torch missions. Friend of the Ranch & missionary to Honduras, Mark Connell, oversees short-term groups that come through Honduras from June – August. He added several smaller RO4Y projects onto their team’s list and we are hopeful to get a lot done this summer. Recently a team of 12 came and installed fencing for the goats at a cost of $500! PRAISE the Lord! PRAY that more leaders through the summer would come to help Rancho Oasis.

Prepping for maiz

8. Our helper Oscar continues to be a huge blessing to the ministry. PRAY for Oscar’s safety and wisdom as he works at the Ranch. Also PRAY for Oscar and his family as they plan on watching the property for us while we are gone for two months.

Stylish Zoeva
Nyssa loving the attention
9. The mare Zoeva and her filly, recently named Nyssa (meaning – the beginning, like Genesis) are doing really well. PRAISE the Lord for His healing power & protection over our animals. PRAY for Zoeva that she continues to be a great teaching horse with the kids! We are planning on purchasing the pair this weekend!

Showing some affection
Learning to feed Zoeva
10. PRAISE the Lord for how well our “Farm Life” Sunday school experiment is going on Sunday mornings! We have a consistent number of kids come every Sunday. They participate in games related to the Bible theme, a Bible study and time learning how to care for Zoeva. PRAY that God’s word & His creation (the Ranch & its animals) would transform the lives of these 8 – 12 year-old kids! 

Laying sq ft grids
Girls planting strawberries

   11. PRAY for our square foot gardening project. We desire to bless the community with an understanding of how to inexpensively grow a variety of veggies to improve their diet and health.

Our neighbor's humble wood home
12. We have acquired new neighbors. What was once a “no man’s land” between our property and the road has been claimed by a family and they are constructing a home. Having close neighbors is not an issue, but we are concerned about the construction of a latrine and its effects on our property & crops. PRAY that God would give us an opportunity to minister to this single mom and wisdom in dealing with her family’s black water.

Red needles evidence of dammage

13. Our largest pine tree is sick with a nasty bug called the southern pine beetle. PRAY that God would heal the tree, give us wisdom in fighting the critter and keep the other pines from getting sick!


14. Our mastiff, Duke, has developed a large growth around his jowls. PRAY for healing and wisdom for us as we treat the problem.

15. If you haven’t read former RO4Y staff, JosyTarantini’s final thoughts about her time in Honduras, as well as Peru, you must check it out! PRAISE God for His transforming work in Josy’s life.
16. PRAY for Mare and I as we pursue the Lord together as a couple and for His direction over the ministry & our family. PRAISE the Lord we celebrated 8 years of marriage on June 21st

Naomi, Tobias & Tabitha
 17. PRAISE the kids, Naomi, Tabitha and Tobias are doing well; PRAY for their understanding of Jesus and salvation.

18. PRAY for our US Rancho Oasis tour this fall & the money for our air fares ($3,600) PRAY that God will increase awareness of the Ranch and our number of prayer & financial supporters.

19. Residency Update: Good news – all the documents used for our year visa CAN be transferred over for the permanent residency. This will save a lot of money with fees and time. Bad news – the $400 we paid for the year visa CAN NOT be used for the residency fee. We need to submit the application with the extra $400 before we head back to the US in August. PRAY for God’s provision of the $400 and that we will receive residency quickly (I’ve been told the process takes around a year!)

Honduran Winter Sunset - Ready for Rain
20. PRAY for the completion of the construction of our home.

21. PRAY for the importation of the bus. Also one of the bus’ front spring coil shocks broke last week. Total cost was $275. PRAY for God’s provision and the wisdom to maintain the vehicles!

22. PRAY for the family’s health. The season is changing to wet, damp and cool. Colds are pretty common.

23. PRAY for the funds for the purchase of the property: $18,500 and the completion of the purchase agreement.

24. PRAY for yourselves, the members of our support team. That God would bless your life & ministry!

Trust in the LORD and do good;
   dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.  Psalm 37:3


Brooke said...

Praise the Lord for all He is doing. What a beautiful post. We are daily praying for you all. Love you so much! Mommo Brooke

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, great update. I know all of us from the Torch group enjoyed our time with y'all putting up the fence. What a great outpost of God's kingdom y'all are... Sorry to hear about Duke :(

All God's blessings as the ministry moves forward...

David and Marina said...

Hi there Jon, Mare, Naomi, Tabi and Toby,
Loved this month's post. Great pictures helping us visualize your ministry. Lot's happening and for us to uphold you in prayer. How is everyone's health?
Praying for you and the ranch,
David and Marina