Saturday, March 5, 2011

Newsito: Mountaineers for Jesus Part 3

     Rancho Oasis took another step towards finishing phase one of construction last week, thanks to some brothers from West Virginia. Phase one includes the completion of the chapel.

The Chapel Stage

Moving & mixing concrete by hand

     Working on the chapel's stages was the most physically demanding job of the week, but the men and our hired help finished in two days. Pastor Shawn insists on raising money to purchase a concrete mixer for next time! Can I hear an amen?

We brought in a special worship band for the stage's inauguration!

The Chapel's Gable Ends

     One of the greatest blessing during the construction work was the fellowship and experience between the men on the team and our hired-hand Oscar and his Uncle, Jose de la Paz. The "hands-on" experience was priceless for Oscar as he was able to try many new power tools (donated by the team) for the first time.

     After living on the property for a year (February 24th was our one year anniversary in Honduras) it was such a blessing to see the chapel one step closer to completion.

The finished stage end of the chapel

House Ceiling Panels

Oscar and AJ
We decided to help "button-up" our current home by enclosing the ceiling with cement board. Prior to this job, the house was just a little "breezy" and we would regularly find the house littered with pine needles, leaves and dust. The panels are being painted with a water barrier (the roof isn't perfect, but that is a project for a future group).

Not only did the men finish some important projects for the Ranch, they also provided great fellowship in the Lord!
Muchisimas gracias, Shawn, AJ and John!
Jose de La Paz & Pastor Shawn


KurtT said...

Love it! Way to go Mountaineers! I can't wait to see the fruit of your work next week.

Wayne Goranson said...

WOW! Everything turned out great! CC Morgantown rocks.
Nice job with the photag that two of you and two of Shawn I see? Oh my did you do that? NOT!

traybird said...

It's really coming together!
I'm blessed to see it from HERE, I can only imagine how it must be there for you :)
Very cool to see how the Lord is providing.
Loved the VBS pix. Great turnout.

Aaron Page said...

that stage inaguration pic is awesome....did Mare do some photoshop?
Glad to see you guys are building up! Praise the Lord!