Thursday, March 3, 2011

Newsito: Mountaineers for Jesus Part 2

     We recently concluded an exciting, exhausting and exhilarating week with a team of short-term missionaries (mostly) from West Virginia.

     We were extremely blessed to host this group of hardworking, Jesus loving Mountaineers! I've split the news of their week into several different posts. Enjoy!

Medical Brigade
Advertising the brigade at local convenient store (Pulperia)
Brigade and VBS ads

     The team of three doctors, a pharmacist, five assistants and five interpreters saw nearly 700 patients during the week. They worked inside Ojojona's Health Center with the help of the director Dr. Carmen Lobo and her staff.
The waiting tent & evangelism table outside the health clinic
     Though the medical team saw hundreds of patients, they made the most of every opportunity to pray with patients and encourage them in their struggles. The team was stretched and blessed! We also received report that nearly fifty individuals prayed to receive Christ via the evangelism table. The team even invited the daughter of the retreat center's cook, a med student, to join them during the brigade.

Medical team & interpreters planning for the day
The Ranch's neighbor Dona Rosa and granddaughter Breisy
 One of blessings of the week was being able to employ several members of RO4Y's church body to help with the brigade. Carla cooked meals for the health center's staff, Levin & Eduardo guarded the tents at night and Dona Rosa helped keep the health center clean and organized with supplies.
     The health center's director also wrote and great thank you letter that I've included below:

Dear Brothers:

In such difficult times our country is living, where almost nobody believes in brotherhood, where sincerity has lost its meaning, we the health personnel and the community of Ojojona believe that there are still interested people in changing the destiny of this town.  We know that in order to achieve that change we must be faithful to our heavenly father and lift our prayers in humbleness and thanksgiving to our creator.
Triage outside the clinic's doors
Ojojona has been through many difficult moments, and the town’s health has become fragile.  Sometimes we feel like an island, but our prayers have given fruit and we feel greatly blessed with your presence here.  This small but so significant brigade has been a relief for this community.  I give to you my most sincere thanks for your support.  I know we have much more needs, but I won’t cease to pray for this town and their health, so that we can be a light towards others.

May God guard your return to the United States, and in Honduras you leave many friends.  I am sure our prayers will unite us in the distance.  Thank you for your support.

Carmen Lobo M.

     This medical brigade was the Ranch's (and the Beard's) first experience. It was a lot of preparation and planning, but the Lord blessed the week and put RO4Y in touch with several influential organizations and people in the community of Ojojona. Our prayer is that Ranch Oasis will continue to grow in favor with the people of Ojojona as we seeek to serve our Savior, Jesus!


KurtT said...

Praise God! Tears well up in my eyes at the Love the LORD has for all!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

That medical mission reminded me of what I did. I'm trying to find out where we were. Praying for you and your family!